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black coffee table, white wooden floor, white wall, white ofa, black study table Elle Decor

Black Tray Coffee Table, White Floor, White Rug, Black Wired Lounge Chair, White Shelves
White Marble Coffee Table, Wooden Tray, Grey Sofa, Pillows, White Floor Lamp
Living Room, Black Floor, Marble Rectangular Nesting Table, Grey Sofa, Pillows
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, Black Round Marble Nesting Table With Copper Cross Legs, Gey Tufted Sofa, Orange Tufted Ottoman
Black Coffee Table, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Ofa, Black Study Table
White Tray Coffee Tables, Grey Rug, Grey Wall, Black Sofa, Large Windows
Marble Coffee Table With Brown Legs, Grey Rug, White Sofa, White Floor Lamp, White Wall
Glass Nesting Table With Golden Frame And Legs, White Rug, White Sofa, White Shelves
Wooden Coffee Table, Grey Rug, White Sofa, White Floor Lamp
White Coffee Table With Copper Legs, White Rug, Beige Rug, Grey Sofa, Glass Hexagonal Table

Coffee table is one of the important things you need to have to create a comfortable living room. With coffee table, you will be able to put your drinks and books and enjoying your entertainment or talking to your friends. Here below are ten beautiful minimalist coffee table that will make your living room even more beautiful.

Black Marble Nesting Tables
Marble is a popular material in showing elegance. And is is shown perfectly in this picture. The minimalist round coffee table looks clean and practical with its nesting type. Although it looks like a nesting table, one table cannot be put under the other.

Glass Nesting Tables
These nesting tables have clear glass top and golden lines. It brings light and elegant look at the same time. It is a great compliment to the neutral living room.

Grey Marble Nesting Tables
Still in nesting tables, this living room also brings nesting tables to serve as the coffee table. With grey marble, it matches the sofa and the rug. IT brings calm and neutral look.

Double Tables
In this living room, the coffee tables used are two. Although they have two different shape and not nesting, the neutrality and the golden lines no the legs matches perfectly. They are nice touches for the sofa and chairs.

Wooden Coffee Table
This one here shows a minimalist and neutral look with its wooden coffee table. The texture and details on the wooden table warm and make the room feel richer. Completed with white sofa and white floor lamp, the living room looks pretty overall.

Round Marble Table
This pretty round coffee table is a great choice to a minimalist and modern living room. It can make the living room feels light and elegant with its material and details on the legs. Its neutral and soft colors matches the soft hue from its surrounding.

Black Smooth Table
Modern look always seek smooth and clean lines. And this black coffee table has it all. The smooth design and clean lines strengthen the modernity of the room. The simple and minimalist design make it perfect for modern room.

Simple White Marble
Another characteristic of modern room is that it loves natural material so that marble is always welcome in modern room. And in this room, this simple yet pretty white marble coffee table presents a minimalist yet strong presence.

White Tray Tables
Having a tray table is like a blessing in the living room. With it, you can feel more secure in putting glasses. And when you have two in the room, you will be delighted that you have even more security to hold your glasses. With these simple white tray coffee table, a modern room will be helped a lot.

Black Tray Table
Similar to the previous one, this one here will also gives you security in holding your things on the table. Colored in black, it is a bold dot in the white floor with white rug.

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