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kitchen with grey floor tiles, white cabinet, white subway backsplash, wooden countertop, wooden small floating table with wooden stool, sink on the corner Apartment Therapy

Kitchen With Pattern Floor, White Cabinet, White Floating Cabinet, White Marble Small Island With White Stools, White Cupboard
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, White Cabinet Uner White Wooden Counter Top, White Hexagon Tiles Backsplash, White Floating Cabinet With Shelves, Window
Kitchen With White Flooring, Rug, White Cabinet, Wooden Kitchen Top, Wooden Floating Shelves, White Cupboard, Rattan Pendant
Kitchen With White Cabinet Under Wooden Countertop, White Sink, White Floating Cabinet With Shelves, Near The Window, White Subway Backsplash
Kitchen With Grey Floor Tiles, White Cabinet, White Subway Backsplash, Wooden Countertop, Wooden Small Floating Table With Wooden Stool, Sink On The Corner
Kitchen With Pattern Floor, White Cabinet With Wooden Top, White Cabinet On Top, Black Wall, Windows, White Wall
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, White Counter Top, White Floating Cabinet, White Shelves, White Sink, Windows
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, White Cabinet Under Wooden Counter Top, White Cabinet On Top, White Floating Shelves, White Hecagon Tiles, White Wall, Window
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, White Cabinet Under Wooden Counter Top, White Floating Cabinet, Tacks, Shelves
Kitchen With Light Wood Flooring, Rug, White Cabinet, Wooden Counter Top, White Shelves, White Wooden Planks Wall, White Storage Box With Wooden Lid

Kitchen is one of the most important room that needs to be really comfortable and secure. Not only that it is a place to create food and talk to family but also it is a place where fire and trash can stay for a while. Although it is a challenge to arrange a small kitchen, let alone to make it look beautiful, it is not impossible.  As a small room only has limited space, it is easiest to create a minimalist took in a kitchen. Here are some inspirations for those who love minimalist and modern look in a small kitchen.


Narrow Kitchen

Decorated in white subway tiles, this one here can depict perfectly minimalist and modern look from the sleek lines of the cabinet and neutral color choices.


Window in a Bless

A bright kitchen makes more relieving room. That is why having a window can be a blessing when not everybody can have windows in their kitchen. In this kitchen, it can be seen that while the kitchen is narrow and small, the windows make sure the light is in maximum level and another view is seen from the outside.


White Pattern Wall

In making sure that small room only has neutral color scheme without any clutters, a fun pattern is sometimes forgotten. Even though it can make the room so much livelier. This can be achieved by adding a white textured tiles on the wall. Still in white but with more fun.


All White

Similar to the previous look, this one here also depicts almost all white look with wooden accent in the shelves, counter top, and flooring. With windows like that, the room must look brighter, hence feels wider.


Minimalist Look

Simplicity is the key in minimalist look. And in this one here, the cabinet and counter top is short  and presentable for cooking, washing, and cutting. The kitchenware and utensils are open in the shelves to create lighter look in the kitchen.


Warm Minimalist

In creating modern look, neutral color scheme is used. However, to make it less stark with its clean lines, accents like rug, plants, and rattan pendant (which are still in part of natural characteristics) are great additions to the room.


White Shiplap

In a small room, any accent added to the room will add another details to see, especially in a white room. Here, the interesting detail is the wood shiplap and the white storage box. The wooden shiplap here makes the kitchen feels warm and comfortable to work and it’s a great look for the kitchen too. The storage box here offers an added storage place while also being a place to eat.


Small but Long

Although this one here has a small space, the U shape of cabinet and counter top makes a really comfortable and large space to work on. The windows here are also a blessing that the kitchen has maximum light and best air circulation.


Lanky Minimalist

As small space can easily look cramped with bulky furniture, having thin and tall furniture can help the room feels more airy. And this one here successfully uses white marble to make tall dining bar with its white stool. Combined with the tall cupboard and the thin pendant, the room looks tall and more airy on top. Added with geometric flooring, it looks really modern.


Cozy Kitchen Corner

In a small space kitchen, any space is important. Any space can turn into something useful. In this one here, the space between the end of floating cabinet and the window is made to be a simple yet useful shelves. Maintaining the sleek lines, the shelves look sharp.


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