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open room with wooden planks, wooden counter top, wooden square dining set, wooden round coffee table, wooden cabinet with TV, rug, grey sofa Realivin

Open Room With White Wall, White Floor On The Kitchen With White Sleek Cabinet And Cupboards, Wooden Floor On The Living Room, White Sofa, Black Pendant
Open Room With Wooden Floor, Tatami At The Bedroom, Wooden Tables, Wooden Chairs, Wooden Sofa With Grey Cushion, Wooden Cabinet, Wood Covered Pendant
Open Room With Wooden Floor, Grey Sofa, Beige Chair, Wooden Dining Set, Metalic Kitchen
Open Room With Kitchen With Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Floor, Corner Dining Room With White Bench, Wooden Table, White Chairs
Open Room With Rug, Wooden Coffee Table, Wooden Sofa With Light Grey Cushion, Wooden Shelves, Wooden Table, Brown Curtain
Open Room With Kitchen With White Wooden, Whiet Glass Cupboards, Wooden Shelves, Black Refrigerator, White Wooden Dining Set
Open Room With Kitchen, White Dining Table, Black Chairs, Grey Sofa With Two Fronts, White Study Area, Silver Pendant, Wooden Bench With Grey Cushion And Pilows
Open Room With Wooden Planks, Wooden Counter Top, Wooden Square Dining Set, Wooden Round Coffee Table, Wooden Cabinet With TV, Rug, Grey Sofa
Open Room With White Marble Floor, White Wooden Cabinet With Marble Backsplash, White Bench With Thin Grey Cushion, Wooden Table
Open Room With Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, Wooden Sofa With Grey Cushion, Wooden Dining Set, Wooden Countertop, Wooden Cabinet Under Tv

Open room has been a great option for those who want to have great air circulation and those have small space especially. With open space, the room will look brighter and larger, and with a house with so many members, this will create closer communication. Although many people can do it, those with small space will have more challenges in arranging their open room. Here are another inspirations that might help you, apart from what we have suggested for you in here and here.


White and Relaxing

In decorating small space, one of the safest color scheme is white and light and soft colors. Applying white in the wall and ceiling would help the room to look brighter and wider. With open room where the kitchen is simple and small and the dining area is displayed well, the room has a perfect air circulation.


Corners and Middle

Sometimes you want to make sure that you have used every bit of the space to fulfill your needs, like kitchen, living area, dining table, study area, even a reading nook. Then you would want to have the furniture with some function. The interesting thing about this one here is the sofa that has two fronts. One for the living room, and one for the dining table. With this, one bog sofa would not hurt.


Sleek and Wood

It is a great idea to have glossy surface in the room so that the light will be reflected more and that will make the room feels bigger, especially with white furniture. To balance it, wooden furniture would be the best option for its quality of warmth.


Clean White

White and grey color scheme will help a room looking bright and wide, especially when it has large glass window that can give maximum level of lights.


Small and White

Although white can be stark and unfriendly, combined with wood material will balance the coldness. With wood material, even if the color is white the pattern of the wood and also the curve will make the room looks comfortable.


Wooden Japanese 

Inspired from Japanese lifestyle in arranging their home, this one here strengthen the room with brown wooden look. It starts from the flooring to the furniture that fill in the room. To maintain brown color, the wall completes the look.


Comfortable Wooden Ambiance

Also from the Japanese style of room, this one here is looking great with the wooden furniture. The furniture arrangement in one line is also a great thing because it centered well. Compared to the previous one, this one here offers more comfort from the rug, the fluffy cushion and pillows. The presence of bookshelves also brings out warmth.


Serene and Calm

The closeness to the nature that the Japanese always carries on in their life, affect how minimalist life implemented in their home. In this one here, the small space looks large because of the small furniture in there doesn’t weigh the look. The absence of clutter plays a big part of this look too. The maximum space utilization is used in the dining set and kitchen arrangement. The bedroom is partly seen but it adds the long and large feeling to the room.


Tidy Decluttered Home

With minimalist room, you will have the tidy and clean house. Sometimes, too clean and tidy room will make the room like a cold room. However, wood will help you create the warmth to your room. The wooden round coffee table here not only helps the room to have warmth but also some curves.


In a Long Room

When a long room is presented, furniture will need to follow the  set. This will be easier to do because all you need to do is putting your furniture in one long line. Again, in this Japanese inspired room, to make the room not too narrow, the room is set mostly in wood and looks so decluttered. One of the things this room lack is the furniture and accessories we used to see installed on the wall. It obviously makes the room feels larger.



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