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Minimalist Study On The Nook, White Wall, White Cabinet, Wooden Open Shelves, Wooden Top Table, White Modern Chair
Minimalist Study, Dark Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Shelves, Wooden Study Table, Grey Modern Chair, White Table Lamp
Minimalist Study, Wooden Floor, White Study Desk, White Grey Open Wall Accent, Grey Wallppaer, White Modern Chair
Minimalist Study, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Floating Shelves, Floating Desk, Wooden Chair, Blue Accent Wall
Minimalist Stud, Wooden Floor, Black Accent Wall, Built In Shelves On The Nook, Wooden Table With Drawers, Brown Chair
Minimalist Study, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Table With White Drawer, White Modrn Chair, Golden Sconce, Glass Windows
Minimalist Study, Wooden Floor, Green Accent Wall, Wooden Partition, Floating Desk Top, Drawer, Wooden Wire, Floating Shelves
Minimalist Study With Whtie Table, Drawers, White Modern Chairs, White Floating Shelves, White Wall, White Floor
Minimalist Study, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Drawers, White Chair, Whtie Floating Shelves With Golden Dots, Wooden Top, Silver Rod
Minimalist Study, Black Floor Tiles, White Wall, Wooden Study Desk, Grey Chair

The way you decorate your study would affect how you can focus on the work and finally the result of your work. The setting of your study must match your personality. Although, any personality would love a tidy and clean space. If you love this clean and tidy study and cannot do the opposite, a minimalist study would be perfect for you. These below are ten minimalist study that would be a great inspiration if you’re trying to get one.

Accessories on the Wall
Although white can be the perfect color for minimalist study, sometimes it can be a boring thing or some people. If you feel the same, adding some small accessories that can help you freshen the view is a great idea. This one here adds floating shelves and put small accessories on it and on the wall too and make the minimalist look prettier.

Small Accents
Similar to the previous ones, this one here also puts some small accents in the minimalist study. This one here puts yellow dots on the upper cabinet and put thin rod on the wall to help with the arrangements of your things.

Simple Study
If you love the simple looking study, you would love this one here. The setting is so minimalist with wooden floor, wooden study table, and modern chair with natural white and brown color. Positioned near the window, this one here looks even more natural.

Floating Set
This minimalist study has the natural color on the wall, floor, and furniture. And not only that, the open shelves and the desk are installed floated on the wall that makes the study looks so minimalist and simple.

Study on the Nook
This one here shows a simple study on the nook. Using the space on the wall, this one put a small study with floating shelves and desk and have a stable study on the nook, completed with white modern chair.

Dark Minimalism
This minimalist Study show an interesting look with its black accent wall and the nook on which shelves are built in. Furthermore, the wooden table is connected to the shelves on the right side too.

Wooden Ornament
To make a minimalist look, people love to put some natural material as the ornament and warm accent. This one here has a pretty wooden partition on the side and floating shelves on the wall. It brings simple warmth to the set.

Open Wall
This one here puts open wall accent on the corner and make the minimalist look not so minimalist. The natural and neutral color are in line perfectly well.

Strong Wood
This minimalist study looks so warm with the natural material on the floor, table, and shelves. Completed with grey color on the rug and the chair, the minimalist study would help you get focus and refreshed at the same time.

Classic and Pretty
This minimalist study has pretty and classic look on the dark wooden desk and the chair. The dark floor tiles enhance the look strongly.

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