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teen bedroom with wooden floor, cupboard, table and shelves, platform bed with drawers in brown and blue, blue accent wall, Home Decor Designs

A Room With Wooden Floor, Brown Wooden Study, Platform Bed With Drawers, White Shelves On Different Line
Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Large Rug, White Platform Bed With Shelves Under The Bed, White Study Table Until The Bed, Blue Long Shelves
Bedroom With White Platform Bed, Long White Study Table With Pink Cabinet, White Chair, White Long Shelvse, Shaded Windows
Bedroom With Brown Color On The Wooden Floor, Wall, Cupboard, Platform Bed With Drawers, Study Table, Bookshelves
Bedroom With Wooden Look Floor, White And Blue Platform Bed With Drawers, Side Table With Storage, White Table With Chair, Bookshelves
Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Brown Wall, White Floating Wooden Book Shelves, Beige Study Table With Chair, Platform Bed With Two Levels Of Drawers
Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Brown Wooden Cupboards On Top With Bookshelves, White Drawers Under The Bed, White Table And Chair, White Shelves, Rug
Teen Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Cupboard, Table And Shelves, Platform Bed With Drawers In Brown And Blue, Blue Accent Wall,
Bedroom With Beige Flooring, Blue Rug, Wooden Table, Yellows Platform Bed With Drawers And Headboard Drawers, Shelves
A Bedroom With Awrm Brown In Wooden Floor, Platform Bed With Drawers And Cupboards, Shelves, But White Table

Small space limits everything that can be done to the place. When it comes to a bedroom for teens, bed, storage, and study place is necessary. However, it’s a challenge to make a small bedroom to fill all the function needed. Everything needs to be kept compacted and arranged so creatively and smartly so that it will not too cramped. Here are some ideas on how to do all that in teens’ bedroom.


Stacking Nicely

When it comes to a minimalist bedroom, it can mean that the room will need to get rid of the clutters. And that means storage boxes are needed in handy. In this one here, there are two lines of nice drawers under the bed so that keeping things will be easier.


All Brown

One of the things that can be done to make a small room looks easy in the eye is by having it in one color scheme, preferably the soft one. This one here is in natural brown all over the room. It has cupboards an drawers that is important for a small room. The study table is made simple and minimalist too.


Large Windows

The next thing that will help a small room is large windows. With maximum level of lights, small room will not look dingy and gloomy. Besides windows, of course, color choices for the room will help the room to not look so gloomy.


Modern Touch

While a small room might need to pick tings without too many accent and curve so that the room will look slim inside, a touch of modern curve will not ruin the room. With some curve, the room will look refreshed and different.


Two Tone Room

While one color for a room can be a great thing for a small room, two tone colors for a room can add a refreshing touch make the room more fun. Although still choosing a clean and smooth surface furniture might be always the good thing to do.


Not in Line

While being in line can be the best choice when it comes to arranging furniture for small bedroom, breaking the habit can give a fun feeling. As a slight different can look like a big change for a small space, the not-paralleled bookshelves looks so clear but not ruining the simplicity of the room.


Refreshing White and Blue

This one here is another two-tone colored room that will give fun ambiance. With the neutral white, the room is not too cramped while the calming blue adds a nice sight.


Relieving Space

For a bigger room, the storage can be a bigger cupboards too. The stacked drawers under the bed can be removed to relieve bulky sight and the study table and bookshelves can have more length to create thin effect.


Colorful Small Room

When the room is not as small as the previous ones, besides storage can be removed inside a large cupboard, colors can be present in much more. This one here has bright yellow, blue and muted turquoise in large parts and it doesn’t mean it’s cramped, although drawers and table is still in more compact size and design.


Maximum length 

While bigger bedroom means more relieved space, the right design will help it looking even better. Added space to put your things is always welcome. It can be seen from the long study table that continues as shelves under the TV. Not to mention the long shelves along the wall.

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