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golden line framed mirror, white wall, wooden dining table, golden lines pendant, wooden console table, wooden dining table, white chairs Lulu and Georgia

Large Siple Line Framed Mirror, Wooden Floor, White Marble Round Table
Tall, Rectangular Mirror, Wooden Bench, Rattan Basket
Simple Line Frame Mirror, On The Wooden Table
Large Golden Framed Mirror, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, Whtie Rug
Tal Mirrors, On Wooden Table, Golden Frame, Wooden Floor
Golden Line Framed Mirror, White Wall, Wooden Dining Table, Golden Lines Pendant, Wooden Console Table, Wooden Dining Table, White Chairs
Golden Framed Mirror, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Rattan Ottoman, White Shelves, Rattan Plants Pot
Golden Line Framed Mirror, White Marble Round Table, Wooden Floor
Golden Large Framed Mirror, On The Grey Wooden Make Up Table, Wooden Floor, Golden Lined Chair
Mirror With Frame Like Bamboo, Blue Wooden Table, White Patterned Stools

Mirrors are an important accessories to a room. It makes the room feels larger and fresher. It would also hide the imperfect point in the room. Also, it increases the lighting in the room. There are so many benefits you can get by putting mirrors in the room. And here below we’re going to see how this benefits is presented in a really beautiful design.

Getting Ready
Mirrors can help you get ready in the morning and clean yourself at night. It would be done easily with a tall and large mirror. That way, the angle it shows you would be thorough. And if the design of the frame is really pretty like this one, your mirror is a great touch to the room.

Tall Mirror
This mirror is placed on the entrance and it has been a great addition to this entrance. In this small and narrow place, this mirror brings brighter and fresher look while also gives the owner to finish getting ready before finally going out.

Large Mirror
In the bedroom, a tall mirror would be the best accessories, especially when you have to look good going out in your daily life. This one here puts up with simple lining on the frame and gives the room a light touch for a great change.

Golden Mirror
In this white and neutral themed bedroom, this large and tall mirror looks strong and grandeur. The golden framed brings in elegance and stunning finish to the room.

In the Corner
Although putting mirror in the center of the wall can help you get better view, putting in on the corner can save some space. And with the window gives you the best lighting, you will be able to see your actual look outside.

Golden Corner
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts the mirror to the corner and makes a great reflection in the corner. Brings more light to the room as it is positioned near the window, this one here is in the perfect place.

On the Table
If you don’t have any space left, putting your mirror on the table can bring you the same benefit. Seen here, the mirror brings larger effect and is positioned simple and light.

Large on the Table
Although the mirror is large and big, this one here puts it on the table. And this will make your view more thorough. The golden lines on the frame puts an elegant touch and details on top and side of the mirror.

The Oriental Theme
This one here puts the mirror that matches the theme of the setting very much. The golden bamboo looks so oriental and is a great compliment to the blue china table lamp and the dragon on the stools.

Long Angle
The mirror in this one lets you to have longer angle. It creates a longer reflection and makes the room feels more airy. It brings out the best feature of the room into double. The golden lines pendant and the beautiful accessories look great in twos.

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