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Mission Style Decorating, A Way to Capture Beauty and Warmth to Your Home

Just few people know what mission style decorating is. Mission style decorating is interior decorating idea which exposes more the beauty and calm by its color. Mission style itself has many interpretations, but it’s closely referred to the revival of Mission style from Spain. However, it recently refers to warm and calm color applications on crafts and arts.

Actually, there are more homeowners are so curious with this style of decoration. Yet, they’re unsure how to start with real application into their rooms. Luckily, now there are few distinctive elements which are common and recognizable to Mission style decorating. Let’s see what Mission style options are and how to get the best application.

Mission style living room idea natural rock fireplace handcrafted chairs and center table in dark color dark toned wood floors concrete walls

Mission style is identical with how we expose the original and natural material application in a room. All interior elements in this room are left in natural. The furniture, for instance, obviously exposes the original and local wood-material but different in finishing. Handcrafted furniture and fireplace highlight the room, emphasizing how wood and rock work well in creating Mission style.

transitional living room in Mission style loft over dining room reclaimed oak interior structure oak chairs with dark red leather comforters traditional area rug recessed fireplace
New Design Works

A transitional living room integrated with loft over a dining room. As we see, the room is dominated by hardwood, reclaimed oaks, and little bit handcrafted interior elements like decorative metal railing system at the loft. Such idea, of course, is adopted as a Mission style.

Mission style hallway idea with craftsman front door wooden stair railing system and wooden floors
Renovation Design Group

You can also apply Mission style decorating idea in any rooms, like this hallway. Make sure that you’ve involved the distinctive Mission style elements like craftsman front door, stair railing system, and even the floors.

mix Mediterranean Mission style living room wood chairs with red leather comforters wooden center table with glass top animal head ornament traditional area rug modern fireplace
New Design Works

It feels like we’re in huge and luxurious living room which is full of timbers and artistic interior accessories. Apparently, this room is a combination of Mediterranean and Mission style decorating idea. It can be seen from logs and reclaimed wood use in room. Giraffe-head ornament, moreover, gives another aesthetic value in this room.

craftsman family room with handcrafted fireplace dark hardwood chairs a couple of dark red ottoman chairs a couple of armchairs traditionalarea rug a wooden rocking chair medium toned wood floors

A craftsman family room designed in Mission style – feel warm and cozy provided by craftsman fireplace and furniture. An area rug here also takes a role as another beautifier. Take a look at the lighting effect! With low-lighted effect, it produces huge warmth and comfort. Absolutely agree that such spot is so homey.

wooden chairs dark brown couches round top side table traditional area rug medium toned wood floors river stone fireplace clean white concrete walls white ceillings and beams
Tom Meaney

Re-decorate your farmhouse with this Mission style decorating idea. The concept is so matching and even can support each other. Like this idea, the room still displays the original and natural elements like wooden furniture and river stones fireplace. Yet, the upper section, starting from walls to ceilings, it uses modern interior concept which is dominated by clean white. We all know that the clean white is familiar as modern color palette.

enclosed living room with tiled fireplace dark hardwood wainscoting darkwood stair railing system medium toned wood floors traditional area rug wood living room furniture
Thompson Naylor

This is an example of enclosed living room idea. Generally, this room is designed in Mission-style; it’s recognizable from materials choice like tiled-fireplace, medium-toned wood floors, and craftsman stair railing system. All furniture items, additionally, also still expose the natural and original wood species.

Mission style living room in modern application simple & minimalist wood center table grey area rug contemporary living room furniture craftsman corner chair in dark wood color
Don Wong Photo

Mission style can also be applied for a modern interior application. The instant way is by featuring it with a modern interior facade. Just add it one or a couple of craftsman furniture unit just to highlight Mission-style appeal.

craftsman open concept living room design with medium toned hardwood floors craftsman furniture craftsman book shelves craftsman wine storage
Renewal Design Build

This is an example of formal & open-concept living room with arts and crafts. Here, there are two different wood materials used: medium-toned hardwood for floors and darker wood for furniture. All things are on the right place and proportion. It can be said that this is a Mission-style living room with modern influence.

craftsman open concept living room with music corner medium toned wood floors gray tiles fireplace dark wood wainscoting dark hardwood living room furniture
Seavey Builders Inc

It’s full of warmth and comfort. With a music area, it must be so relaxing. This is a depiction how Mission-style decorating idea can give such pleasantly feelings. Also, with the finest craftsman furniture and dominant wood interior facade, it’s gonna be a high-class living room.

craftsman fireplace with white marble hearth dark hardwood chair with dark toned leather comforter small table with leather traditional area rug
J Walsh Construction

A craftsman fireplace corner with dark-toned wood chair and small table. The room consists of a craftsman fireplace unit integrated with glass-door/ display storage, white marble hearth, and traditional area rug.

timeless living room idea in Mission style oak interior facade dark wood furniture tiled fireplace warm yellow walls dark toned wood floors
Copper Creek MN

A craftsman living room with tiled-fireplace – Add the fire feature like such fireplace to your living room. The room itself is dominated by particular wooden species, oak. the yellow walls and wood color here create the warm atmosphere.

traditional staircase with metal railing system in Mission style decorating idea
Devol Builders

The design is so complicated but beautiful. The staircase is purely built from wooden and mixed with metal railing system.

craftsman home office idea with dark hardwood working desk medium toned wood floors tribal colored area rug
Fluidesign Studio

This is idea of craftsman home office with tribal-colored area rug, grey walls, built-in desk, and medium-toned hardwood flooring system. Uniquely, there are a couple of cabinets that are free-standing over the desk, providing much more space for storage. Then about the color choice, the wood color still dominates, but it pretty matches with medium-toned wood floors and tribal-colored area rug.

mission style home office idea dark hardwood working table modern working chair textured & knitted area rug clean white walls tree trunk decorations
Artistic Designs For Living

This is another design of mission-style home office. This design exposes more the working desk that keeps its original texture and color of wood species. Overall, the desk design is quite simple but stylish. It looks modern after being coupled with a modern working chair. The floors are covered with textured & knitted area rug, gives full of warmth and natural look.

mission style kitchen design with red wood materials red wood floors and marble countertop
Schrocks of Walnut Creek

A mission-style kitchen idea – this is well recommended for you who love natural and warm atmosphere in your kitchen. Red wood dominates this room, either for the furniture or floors. Marble countertop is added to give another color scheme in this room, so it won’t be monotone.

craftsman kitchen idea with walnut cabinets island floors stainless steel appliances granite countertop beige walls beige colored subway ceramic tiles for backsplash

How wonderful this craftsman kitchen is! The homeowner has chosen walnut as the main material of kitchen cabinets, island, and floors. Granite countertop, subway ceramic tiles for backsplash, and stainless steel appliances are just the secondary color scheme in this room.

mission style home bar idea with dark hardwood slab doors dark hardwood slab bar table with granite top shelf for wine glass recessed wine storage units custom TV set
Suess Electronics

This is so incredible! A mission-style home bar design with custom TV set – The overall appearance is really elegant and inviting. Here, we’ve found dark hardwood slabs featuring natural stone walls, resulting a original mission-style interior. With dark hardwood bar installation plus recessed wine storage, this room is much more functional. Agree?

craftsman exterior door a couple of classic exterior lighting fixtures gray subway tiles walls decorative front mat
DLG Lighting

A mission-style decorating idea is also available for home exterior, including the exterior door. Like in this picture, the design is quite simple but interesting. The mixture of lighting effect, shingles, and paint colors are in right proportion. Add a decorative front mat with similar color scheme can be recommended accessory.

mix contemporary mission style living room with fireplace & recessed storage two couches in red and beige medium toned wood floors light beige walls a pair of wall lamps
Renovation Design Group

A mix of contemporary & mission style decorating idea – It’s clear to see how the mission style works well with contemporary furniture addition. The fireplace, for instance, is shabby but cool & stylish. It’s much more attractive after being garnished with an artistic hand painting of woman figure. The lighting is also awesome. A pair of wall lamps installed on right-left of painting gives brighter effect for the nearest area of lamps, but dim-lighted effect for the distanced objects. Such ambiance is really romantic, right?

mission style wet bar design dark finished oak cabinets copper undermount sink dark mosaic tiles backsplash dark countertop x door wine storage shabby tiles flooring idea

A such great wet bar designed in mission style – Apparently, it’s shabby but so authentic & artistic. The wet bar itself exposes dark hardwood material which is familiar with warmth and natural. With a precise lighting choice, the room tends to be more classic and warmer as well.

mission style dining table made of solid & reclaimed wood medium toned wood floors logs walls idea
Woodland Creek Furniture

Mission style dining table – simple but beautiful. Each unit of dining chair is attached with expensive leather seating, and the material is solid & reclaimed wood. The furniture design is in custom size and it’s handcrafted product.

craftsman open concept living room bricks fireplace with wooden mantel a couple of wooden chair with puffed seating light beige couch with patterned pillows wooden center table medium toned wood flo
Landis Construction

It must be cozy when welcoming the guests in such open-concept living room. The room is designed in mission style decorating which obviously exposes the original and warm wooden. With a deep observation, you’ll see that almost furniture are craftsman & solid wood and just few of them are featured with other materials.

unfinished wooden center table grey walls modern grey couches with pillows and light turquoise blankets wood top side table with black wrought iron base dark hardwood floors
Renewal Design Build

Yes, it’s just a little bit, but able to affect the whole room. The center table is a focal point as well as the real representation of mission style applied in room. The wood material is kept original as natural as the genuine one, there is no finishing/ coating/ staining/ painting covered on that table.

craftsman open concept living room bricks fireplace with wooden mantel a couple of wooden chair with puffed seating light beige couch with patterned pillows wooden center table medium toned wood flo
Moore Arch

It’s so lovely – blue-painted walls accented by wood wainscoting over the fireplace. A couple of dark brown leather armchairs also builds the appeal of mission-style concept. This is gonna be an instant and smart idea if you want to try a mission-style living room.

comfortable living room in mission style dark leather couches leather side chair dark hardwood center table grey couch with pillows wall mounted TV set recessed fireplace custom size tiles walls
CGA Partners

This living room is the real example of most people’s dreamed living room. All things here are well considered and established, including interior layout, furniture and interior finishes, and air quality, and low-energy appliances have given this room the ultimate warmth of mission-style. Such room is also really ideal and casual for a little family, so this is well recommended for you who’re starting a family.

mission style bathroom dark hardwood bathroom vanity with white top a couple of wood framed mirrors recessed wood shelving unit free standing white bathtub multicolored mosaic tiles floors
Canyon Creek

The bathroom, another spot that’s able to re-model into a mission-style bathroom. By adding wooden elements and keep exposing their texture and color, we’ve just given the mission-style treatment. Remember, wooden elements aren’t just for the furniture, but they’re also for decorative details like mouldings or trims.

craftsman bedroom design dark hardwood bed frame with higher headboard multicolored bed linen light toned and gloss wood floors
Wood Bine Furniture

A custom-made bed frame with higher headboard – add such bed furniture to your bedroom if you want to own a luxurious, comfortable, and warm-feeling spot to take a rest. With the finest handcrafted bed product, the room will be a classy and artistic one.

craftsman bedroom idea oak finished bed frame with handcrafted headboard textured & gloss silk bed treatment wooden gate with book shelves underneath
Master Works Design

Mission-style bedroom idea with oak-finished bed frame. Textured and warm silk bed treatment and pillowcases complement the oak-finished bed frame. And the most interesting one is a wooden feature which looks like a huge gate of bed area. This feature isn’t merely a decorative element, but it’s also the complementary element of bookshelves underneath.

simple & minimalist kitchen designed in mission style wooden cabinets wooden dining furniture white tiles backsplash grey & gloss top kitchen island stainless steel appliances lighter toned wooden floors
Sustainable Home

Simple and minimalist – this mission-styled kitchen and eating corner consist of wooden kitchen properties and dining furniture. They have been accented by various material additions like grey & glossy solid surface for kitchen island, white ceramic tiles backsplash around the cabinets, and clean white concrete for walls. Wooden application for the furniture and floors is made in different choice to give more color schemes in room.

mission styled staircase made of oak and stained wrought iron rails
Interior Design By AK

The staircase is made of oak complete with black iron wrought rails. Both rails and stair-steps have been finishing. This treatment makes it feel so masculine as well as warm.

mission styled living room with stone finished fireplace a couple of brown chairs a pair of dark brown ottomans light beige couch with grey accent pillows dark brown couch with decorative pillows
Sarah Barnard

A sophisticated way to achieve a mission-style living room. The color schemes and natural materials existing in this room are the soul of Crafts & Arts Style. Here, warm color schemes like wood color, earthy brown, and beige are dominating the room, while hardwood and stones are spotted at least in the dominating elements of room such as floors and fireplace.

mission style U shaped kitchen design wooden cabinets granite countertop stainless steel appliances light beige tiles backsplash with diamond cut accent tiles bamboo slabs floorings
Fine Craft Contractors

Craftsman U-shaped kitchen idea – Mission-concept is obviously recognized from material and color choice. The wood color and wooden material become the main emphasis that requires to be exposed more in this room. Why? These elements are the main point of how we build a mission-style interior decorating idea.

narrow bathroom antique & mission styled chest with dark marble top clean white walls wall mounted sink in white metal framed mirror medium toned wood floors
Page Home Design

A narrow bathroom with antique & mission-styled chest with black marble top – the chest here is an accent as well as a focal point that adds the warm and calm feelings among the cold-toned interior.

Mission Style home office with wood mantled fireplace accented by green tiles surface dark toned wood floors dark hardwood wainscoting wooden working desk black working chair traditional area rug
The Kitchen Source

Mission-inspired home office with wood-mantled fireplace – this room is designed in Mission Style in which Crafts & Arts dominate the room. The room feature many interior items deep green walls, wood-mantled fireplace accented by green tiles surface, dark hardwood wainscoting, wooden furniture, dark-toned wood floors, and traditional area rug.

Mission Style entry stair equipped with metal rails & wood posts grey painted wainscoting shabby but cool console table
Mark Brand Architecture

It’s lovely stair design. This design is inspired from Mission Style homes nearby. With finest and most detail design of metal rails and wood posts, they complement the whole stair’s body. Each element of stair and railing system is built with the richness of material and color palettes. That’s why the overall design offers the ultimate luxury, elegance, warmth, and casual performance.

Mission Style powder room idea dark hardwood wainscoting dark yellow walls open cabinet under sink bathroom vanity with white top
Johnson Design Inc

This is just an example of powder room which is particularly designed in Mission Style. The room is supported with dark hardwood wainscoting, a similar color scheme to the open cabinet under sink.

small powder room design dark wood cabinet white drop in sink dark wood framed mirror white painted wainscoting white hexagon tiles floors
Mahoney Architects

The simple powder room with dark wood cabinet, white drop-in sink, dark wood-framed mirror, white-painted wainscoting, and white hexagon tiles floors. Casual and warm feelings are obviously discovered in the use of wooden material. Such feelings, then, contributes more in creating a Mission Style idea.

Mission Style kitchen design dark toned cabinets dark toned kitchen island with marble countertop stainless steel appliances dark hardwood floors
RTA Studio

This kitchen idea really fits for a ranch house or large cabin. Both cabin and ranch house are familiar with local wooden use. Like this kitchen, it keeps showing wood material off in many spots (it seems that the wood dominates the room). Such concept has its own purpose: giving warm and calm appeal like what a Mission Style goes to.

Mission Style kitchen with slanted island posts stools dark green countertop dark wood cabinets dark wood island with open shelves medium toned wood floors
Highland Builders

Different to other common Mission Style kitchens, this one has been equipped with slanted-island posts. The floors here are constructed from a particular wood species which is called Hickory (a species of tree originally grows in East Asia or North America).

Mission Style home exterior idea with red bricks gate and pillars' base hardwood framed exterior windows and front door dark terracotta roofs beige wood siding exterior walls
Defining Spaces Inc

This is a Mission Style home exterior design. The construction uses red bricks material for the outer sections like the front gate and pillars’ base. The inner section is built from wood siding walls and the railing system that fences the porch. The hardwood here is used for framing the numbers of exterior windows, front door, and arched main gate’s top.

Mission Style bathroom idea recycled oak vanity metal framed mirror warm & yellow light lamps beige concrete walls
Just Rich Design

It’s old and shabby, but this room feels warm and quiet. Interestingly, most of wooden furniture units are made of recycled Oaks. Lighting effect, in the other hands, plays a big role in making the color richer.

powder room with Mission Style vanity dark wood vanity with cabinet dark green countertop undermount sink white wainscoting and decorative glass window
Great RMS

A powder room in Mission Style – this room is empowered with white wainscoting, dark wood vanity with cabinets, dark green countertop, and undermount sink. A decorative-glass window also takes a significant role here.

Mission Style powder room with white pedestal sink white toilet black subway ceramic tiles dark wood trims for window wood framed mirror light beige walls
Seavey Builders Inc

Black subway ceramic tiles here may be intended to make it a contrast over the white bathroom fixtures (toilet & pedestal sink). The upper wall section, on the other hands, is warmer and lighter in color. The main goal is to balance the both sections: upper and lower. Wood trims and frame applied on window and mirror, in addition, work optimally in making the subway tiles much lighter.

Mission dining room design dark leather dining chairs rounded dining table in dark wood tone wall integrated book racks medium toned wood floors green walls
Troy Spurlin

A dining room in Mission Style – the room is highlighted by dark color schemes which are applied on almost spots, like eating corner, fire feature, and storage space. These colors are distinctively used for giving a Mission Style touch which then bears the warmth in room.

Mission Style bakcyard patio and outdoor kitchen wooden cabinets with wood countertop stainless steel BBC cooker Mexican tiles backsplash
Spring Creek Design

Mission Style is also applicable for the outdoor area. This backyard patio complete with an outdoor kitchen, for instance, is designed by using local wooden as the material and black wrought iron hinges as the accent and functional item as well.

Mission Style dining room idea cherry made dining furniture light toned wood cabinets pavers flooring idea classic pendant lamp
SCH Rocks Of Walnut Creek

Cherry is one of best quality material for furniture, home structure, and others related to architecture. In this dining room, cherry becomes the main material and it features dark wood finishing has resulted stylish dining furniture set. Another wood is also involved to give a Mission Style appeal in this room.

bathroom with Mission Style cabinets silver claw foot bathtub in white metal framed mirror clean white walls wood framed window
Shannon Scott Design

Arts and Crafts Style bathroom design – the dark hardwood vanity with cabinets and white top here is the distinctive item representing the warm and calm Mission Style application.

craftsman dressing room with wooden walk in closet wooden cabinets exposed stones walls free standing mirror two skylights
Interior Outlook

Dressing room can also be remodeled into another interior style; a Mission Style dressing room, for example, sounds interesting and needs to try. Like this one, the room consists of large wooden walk-in closet and cabinets for storage. The exposed stone walls also add another natural element after the wooden.

craftsman walk in closet with glass door shelves and hang sections marble top center islands white ceramic floors
The French Tradition

Still about the Mission Style dressing room; this one is much bigger than previous design. This men’s dressing room uses transparent glass door that can be the mirror. The island here is added to make the user easier when selecting or putting the chosen outfit.