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Mid sized trendy formal open concept living room with orange walls and ceramic floors brown soffa wooden coffee table and cabinet cream carpet Studio V Interior Design

Accent chairs are good items to adorn your living room. Their distinct look makes them as the focal point that captivate all  eyes. Here you can see some ideas about modern accent chairs for living room that mayenrich your knowledge on interior design

Contemporary Living Room in Yellow and White

These modern accent chairs in yellow match the color of the coffee table in the living room. The white sofa balances its look as the sofa has the same color with the wall and the rug too. It is a good idea for people who loves yellow but is afraid to overuse the color.

Accent Chair for Timeless Look

Here the living room is connected with the kitchen so the owner uses the tone of white color and a dash of red color in both of the room to create a good synergy. Be creative with the upholstery for a wonderful timeless look in your house.


Orange Sofa with Cream Chairs for Modern Living Room

This modern living room looks adorable as the owner mixes the sofa and the chairs beautifully. The open space in the living creates a wide sense. Thus, it is a good idea if your house has small space.

White Living Room with Red Accent Chair

The owner of this house has a good taste in cherry picking the chairs in the living room. The white chair contrasts marvelously with the gray sofa while the red chairs are added as a pop of color in the room.

Calming Blue Living Room

If you are afraid of using one particular color will make the room looks monotonic, try using the soft hues and the light tones for acceptable touch. This blue living room looks gorgeous in blue and it doesn’t give the monotone feeling.

Natural Brown Living Room Look

This natural living room have the cozy feeling as the owner uses the right brown tones in the open space design idea. The orange wall fits perfectly with the room and you can try this idea if you love brown color as well.

A Pair of Accent Chairs for Symmetrical Look

These orange accent chairs are placed symmetrically to create a balance look in the living room. The fact that the chairs are the only ones that have the dashing color make these two items as the center of the attention.

Contemporary Living Room with Red accent Chair

By using neutral color in the living room, the owner succeeds to make the red modern accent chair as the focal point. The beautiful scenery outside the living room should be enjoyed by installing big glass windows to make your room cozier.

Living Room Full Patterns

This room uses the different black and white patterns on every side chair to create a merry living room. This will make a good quality time whenever you spend your time in the living room.

Accent Chairs in Modern Living Room

This modern living room looks futuristic because the owner adds futuristic details on it. The modern cushion uses the same upholstery color with other things in the living room makes the interior design to be catchy and colorful.


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