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modern awning container plants gray awning gray outdoor sofa hanging chair large flower vase wall sconces sliding glass door Somfy

Modern Awning Solar Paneling Glass Walls Glass Windows Sliding Glass Doors With Black Frame Wood Wall Wall Sconce Railing
Modern Awning Glass Doors With White Frame Glass Window Concrete Floor Outdoor Table And Chairs Grey And White Walls
Modern Awning Cable Railing Cedar Siding Wood Deck Outdoor Dining Sliding Glass Doors Sun Shades Wall Sconce Wood Cladding
Modern Awning Built In Outdoor Furniture Fence Outdoor Deck Outdoor Kitchen Seat Cushions Sink Sliding Glass Doors Yellow Sunshade
Modern Awning Container Plants Gray Awning Gray Outdoor Sofa Hanging Chair Large Flower Vase Wall Sconces Sliding Glass Door
Modern Awning Yellow And Brown House Outdoor Furniture Blue Chairs Black Glass Windows And Doors Patio Small Garden
Modern Awning Concrete Pavers Custom Front Door Flat Roof Front Entrance Glass Overhang Modern Front Door Glass Windows
Modern Awning Aluminum Windows Concrete Slab Frosted Glass Glass Awning Glass Garage Doors Large Windows Wall Sconces
Modern Awning Bright Colours Covered Deck Glass Door Orange Outdoor Cushions Orange Throw Pillows Outdoor Furniture
Modern Awning Brick Wall Colored Milk Crates Curtain Exterior Lighting Large Window Patio Pop Of Color Modern Furniture

An awning or sometimes we call it overhang is a secondary covering that attached to the exterior wall of a building. A home may have an awning depends on the owner preferences. The usual awnings are constructed of aluminum understructure with aluminum sheeting and a fabric awning. It also can be made of cloth, vinyl, or wood. It should be sturdy to bear the snow load in winter as well as the wind. The main reason most of the people attach an awning to their home is that it can keep indoor living areas cool. The location of a home awning may be above an entrance door or window. You can also have retractable awnings that let the owner control the weather on his own terms. For you who wants to have a modern awning for your beloved home, you can take a look at the collection below.

Modern Awnings for the Entry Side

You can have some small awnings instead of porch covering over the sliding glass doors and window in the backyard. These modern awnings look great in this deck style with wire railings capped with wood. However, it doesn’t give protection from the rain, but it still can make your home looks trendy.

A Motorized Awning

This one has a big gray awning. It covers the gray outdoor sofa and a hanging chair. This motorized awning keeps the outdoor oasis cool and cozy.

Affordable Outdoor Seating Area

The awning here is from Rolltec. It is a motorized awning even though it is looked like a manual one. For the outdoor seating area, you can get these bright colors furniture pieces and put next to the contemporary home. It will be an art piece in your home with a small budget.

Polycarbonate Top

This diagonal awning of this wood exterior looks fancy. It was a custom metal fabrication with polycarbonate top. You can also use a glass top for this kind of awning.

Retractable Awnings

This living room with white framed sliding glass door opens onto the rear deck. It also has a retractable awning above the doors. It can be motor controlled or you can use a hand crank.

Modern Awning on the Outdoor Terrace

This retractable arm awning has a colorful striped fabric that makes the color coordination on this terrace fantastic. The seating and pillows have solid fabric that will make you comfortable.

Contemporary Entryway

For a small door, you can have an awning with frosted glass door. The entryway look will be modern and minimalist.

Modern Awning

The glass doors allow the big views out to the water, while the awning keeps the sun from baking this living room.

Interesting Awning

You won’t regret having this awning on the second floor. It has frosted glass look, welded aluminum, and UV resistant benefit.

An Energy Efficient Awning for Minimalist Wood Exterior

These solar panels with customized awning bracket will make an energy efficient awning. The black frame of the sliding glass doors also looks great with the wood exterior.

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