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bathroom, white wooden floor, rattan baske, wooden stool, white wall, white open brick wall, grey curtain with fringes, grey tub, white shade Musings on Momentum

Bathroom, Marble Floor, White Wall, Window, White Shade, White Marble Tub, Black Stool, White Curtain With Pattern, Patterned Rug
Bathroom With Floating Vanity, Floating Shelves, Square Mirror, White Wall, Arch Wall, Rattan Basket, Rug, Wooden Stool
Bathroom, White Wooden Floor, Rattan Baske, Wooden Stool, White Wall, White Open Brick Wall, Grey Curtain With Fringes, Grey Tub, White Shade
Bathroom, Grey Herringbone Floor Tiles, Warm Marble Wall, Tall Window With Curtain, White Cabinet, Mirror, Moroccan Rug, Shower Area
Bathroom, Grey Floor, White Rug, White Tub, Grey Wall Tiles, White Accent Wall, Wooden Floating Drawers, White Counter Top, Mirror, Floating Shelves, Glass Corner Ceiling
Bathroom, Grey Floor, Wooden Shelves, Black Tub With Clawfoot, Brown Open Brick Wall, White Round Curtain, Plants, Glass Pendant, Wooden Ceiling
Bathroom With White Floor, White Wall, White Floating Vanity, Grey Sink, Square Mirror, Sconces, Rattan Stool, Patterned Rattan Rug
Bathroom With White Small Hexagon Tiles, Rug, White Backsplash Wall, White Wall, Sconces, Wooden Cabinet, White Sink
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Geometrical Patterned Rug, White Cabinet, White Tub, Bamboo Stick Shade, Golden Scale Pendant,
Bathroom, Grey Floor, White Wall, Wooden Vanity With White Sink, Grey Toilet, Grey Tub, Rattan Round Rug, White Wooden Ceiling

Simple look is still on the trend that people love. It is because in our generation, items that looks sleek and simple draw our attention. And that’s why simple and minimalist look is still going strong. However, it is not always simple and minimalist all the way. Sometimes combining with other features might create interesting look. For you who love minimalist look but you also want to give a little accent of details, these below are bathroom with modern bohemian look where simplicity and warmth on details should be together.

Fringe Accent
Although it looks so small in this picture here, the fringe in the natural rug has given the room a great look. Adding more layers and warmth to the room. The neutral color palette has been the characters in modern but the natural material has been the features in both modern and bohemian look.

Warmly Simple
In this vanity, the neutral on white wall and material has given the modern and bohemian feeling. The minimalist look on the absence of frame on the mirror and sleek lines on the wall and vanity has given it strong modern vibe while the wooden shelves and rattan basket are clearly so bohemian.

Rattan Touch
Although the bathroom looks cold with its clean lines and grey color palette, the rattan materials on the pendant and rug has brought them all together in warmer look. The details in this bathroom is exquisitely modern and natural.

Details in Pattern
While the ambiance is neutral with natural material, it does not forget to bring a beautiful patterned rattan rug in the middle of the room.

Bohemian Vibe
In this white bathroom, the small details are included in the white small tiles on the floor and walls as well as sconces. The bohemian vibe is strongly felt in the wooden cabinet and warm colored carpet as well as the plants.

Moroccan Rug
When you already have bathroom with modern vibe and in the future time you want to add some warm bohemian features, rug with patterns and fringe can help you with that. Putting some plants is a great thing to do too.

Colorful Rug
One of the common look in a bohemian room is the colorful items that makes the room feel so warm. And if you think your bathroom is too stark, adding warmed colorful rug will make it less cold.

Patterned Curtain
As bohemian look loves pattern and colors, it is a practical thing to add or change with things that have more patterns or colors in it. Like seen in this picture, the bathroom has a nice patterned curtain, rug, and even give some layers with fringes that helps the minimalist bathroom has more accents.

More Rustic
While the previous one has already modern bathroom with bohemian accent, this one here has more rustic features. Modern vibes come in the plants pot, mirror, and the sleek shelves.

Mid Century Bohemian
This one depicts a perfect look of modern and bohemian combination. It brings bohemian features with the basket, fringes, mat, and plants while maintaining to look modern with the wall tiles and sleek lines in the bath tub.

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