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bathroom, white top vanity, wooden posts, black metal support, black metal racks, big round mirror, black floating shelves, black faucet, tiny square wall floor tiles Style by Emily Henderson

Vanity With Grey Top, Wooden Shelves, Grey Backsplash, Grey Wall, Pendant, Mirror, Thin Lined Faucet
Wooden Floating Vanity, White Top, Silver Faucet, Black Metal Holder
Bathroom, White Floor, Wooden Wall, Grey Marble, Black Vanity Table, Black Chair, Frameless Mirrors
White Bathroom, White Floor And Wall, Clear Glass Partition, White Toilet, White Square Vanity With Round Sink Seen Under, Round Mirror, Black Shower, Black Floating Shelves
Bathroom, White Top Vanity, Wooden Posts, Black Metal Support, Black Metal Racks, Big Round Mirror, Black Floating Shelves, Black Faucet, Tiny Square Wall Floor Tiles
Bathroom, Wooden Vanity With White Sink, Towel Handler Under, Wooden Footing, Grey Tub, Wooden Wall, Black Tiles Backsplash, Clear Bulbs Pendants
Bathroom, Dark Copper Look Floor, Light Grey Wall, Tub, Copper Vanity With White Roun Sink, Round Mirror, Copper Cabinet With Shelves, Clear Glass Partition, Black Shower
Bathroom, Marble Floor And Wall, Grey Wall, Marble Tub With Grey Paint Under, Floating Vanity With Wooden And Black Metal, Black Top, Grey Sink, Mirror
Wooden Floating Board Vanity With Grey Square Sink, Black Floating Cabinet Under, Large Square Mirror, Pendants, Round Mirror
Simple Wooden Floating Vanity Table With Towel Holder And With Grey Retangle Sink, Silver Faucet From The Rectangle Mirror,

Creating contemporary in the bathroom can be challenging but it is a fun thing to do. If you love contemporary look but you want to try in one room, bathroom is probably one best option you can pick. Commonly being the smallest room in the house, the look that you need to create will not as much as you have to do with another room.

Contemporary Line
One of the strongest traits contemporary style has is the clean lines and the shapes of the furniture. And this can be seen strongly from the lines in the mirror and backsplash marble that follows the shape. The minimalist vanity table and chair also gives another contemporary vibe int the bathroom.

Minimalist Lines
As lines have important roles in contemporary bathroom, it can be seen that simple and clean lines are the heart of the theme. Using neutral color, this one here displays the minimalist vibe quite strongly.

Modern Chic
Another style that also use clean lines is modern style and that’s why these two styles is similar in some characters. Using clean lines on the vanity, cabinet and tub, this one here displays the modernity and contemporary look. The chopper look on the vanity and cabinet has been a strong trait as well as the LED lamp behind the mirror and vanity that strengthen the color contrast.

Contemporary Wood
The simplicity in this bathroom is what contemporary style crave the most. The simple wooden vanity, backsplash, frameless mirror, and tub brings out the contemporary and minimalist look. The wooden material adds textures on the bathroom.

Metal Lines
An interesting look of lines is seen in this picture below. With minimalist floating vanity, the metal lines on the side gives sleek look and practicality of towel and bottle holder.

Modern Contemporary Vanity
The three neutral yet strong color on the vanity gives the vanity a unique look of contemporary style. The floating vanity and cabinet makes it light and minimalist while the large mirror gives larger illusion.

Modern Floating Table
While vanity is commonly seen bulky with cabinet under, this one here shows a really simple vanity with table only, and the floating one with handler on the end of the table. Not only that, the sink is in really simple grey rectangular shape with sleek and clean lines.

Minimalist White Bathroom
In this stark white bathroom, the contrast with the black metal lines look so strong. In this simple and modern bathroom, the clean lines the black metal made looks so forceful and interesting.

Strong Lines
Similar to the previous one, this one here also shows a strong and interesting lines of black metal on the wall, under the vanity, circling the mirror, floating, and on the faucet as well. The white background also gives strong look on the lines.

Lines on Marble
This one is another bathroom with interesting lines across the room on the floating vanity, on the wall, partition, and the mirror. Not only that, the clean lines looks strong upon the neutral color of wood and marble that also creates more and more texture to the room.

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