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black cupboard with large seating nook, drawers at the bottom, white cushion, golden hooks on the nook Nordic Design

White Cupboard With Nook With LED Lights On Ceiling, Mirror, Hooks, Wooden Table
Narrow Entrance, Grey Cupboard, Black Nook With Wooden Inside, Rail For Clothes, LED Ceiling Lamp, Mirror On The Wall
Entrance With Corner Bench, Drawers Under, Supboard On The Side, Top Storage, Middle Shelves
Long Entrance With Built In Cupboard, Shelves In The Midde, Bench In The End, Long Shelves At The Bottom
Entrance With White Smooth Cupboard, Wooden Nook With Shelves Ont He Side Wall, Hooks, Floating Wooden Bench With Grey Cushion
Black Cupboard With Wooden Lines On The Bottom, Nook On The Side With Wooden Slabs Wall And Hooks, Grey Cushion
Light Grey Built In Entrance With Cabinet Stacked At The Bottom, Storage On Top, Hooks On The Nook
Built In Cupboard With Large Mirror Door, Seating Nok With Grey Cushion On The Seating, Wall, And Ceiling
Black Cupboard With Large Seating Nook, Drawers At The Bottom, White Cushion, Golden Hooks On The Nook
White Cupboard, Floating Wooden Bench Supported By Wire, Nook On The Wall, Black Backwall

As you know, an entrance can hold everything that will make the first impression to you home. It will be the first part to see from your house and it is important to make your entrance looks inviting without forgetting in practicality. If you love to make use your space as much as it can give, then these ones here below are what you’re looking for.

Wooden Slabs
A black cupboard can make a small space looks deeper and the neutrality of the color creates more modern vibe. However, in this one, the interesting detail is the wooden slabs with hooks.

Black Modern Entrance
If you wish to create a strong welcome, black cupboard like this one here can do well. With contrast white as the cushion, it makes the dark color looks even stronger. The golden hooks brings endearing details to the entrance.

Modern Line
Similar to the previous modern entrance, this one here support modern style with the white cupboard with smooth surface and built-in floating bench that’s supported by black wire. The black back wall with LED lights on top looks a great compliment to the entrance sight too.

Lightly Designed
This adorable entrance looks light and pretty at the same time. The nook seen here is created from the cabinet stacked at the bottom and storage on top. The stack of drawers at the bottom make some seating and shelves space on it.

Entrance Nook
An interesting idea is seen in this one with its seating nook on the white cupboard. The nook is completed with hooks for clothes, seating to help you wear your shoes, mirror to help you get ready, and a pretty ceiling lights.

Modern Entrance
This one here also gives a pretty and interesting entrance with its white cupboard with smooth and flat surface. The shelves nook in the middle is adorable and the nook at the end of the cupboard looks beautiful. The long shoe shelves at the bottom looks great with LED lights on it.

Nook for Entrance
This one here is another gorgeous nook that gives modern vibe in the entrance. The wooden natural color and grey hue on it looks neutral and modern. The shelves on the inside allows you to store things more hidden. The hooks on the wall will make it easier to hold your clothes.

Large Mirror
Mirrors are really important when you get ready. Having mirror near your entrance surely will make your life easier. It also makes the entrance looks spacious. The room looks more open and inviting, as you can see very well in this picture below where the large mirrors are on the door of the cupboard.

Long and Narrow
For an entrance with narrow space, a tall and long bench like this one here surely helps. IT helps the space to look more spacious. The interesting thing from this one is the hidden clothes hang rail.

Corner Entrance
If you love to use all the space including the corner, you might love this one here with its corner bench. All the storage are pretty and tidy in place. The open corner shelf is a gorgeous detail here.

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