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dining area, white flooring, white wall, white midcentury modern chairs, wooden legged table with white top, plants Modern Cre8ve

Dining Area, White Flooring, White Wall, White Midcentury Modern Chairs, Wooden Legged Table With White Top, Plants
Dining Nook, Wooden Floor, White Bench With Grey Cushion, Pillows, White Wooden Planks Wall, Glossy Table, Glass Pendants
Dining Nook, Wooden Floor, White Corner Bench, Grey Cushion, Yellows, White Grey Pillows, Wooden Table, White Chairs, Silver Covered Pendant
Dining Area, Wooden Floor, Pink Rug, White Tulip Table, Pinnk Smooth Modern Chairs, White Pendant, Mirror, Cabinet
Dining Area, Wooden Floor, Marble Curvy Table, Green Velvet Chairs, Golden Legs, White Textured Wall, Black Cabinet, Mirror, White Pendant
Modern Dining Area, Wooden Floor, Glass Door Wall, Wooden Round Dining Table, Wooden Chairs
Dining Area, Wooden Chevron Pattern, Rug, Wooden Cross Legged Table With Glass Top, Grey Chairs, Pendant, White Table
Dining Area, White Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Midcentury Modern Chairs, Wooden Legged Table With White Top, White Wall
Dining Nook, Grey Floor Tiles, White Corner Bench, Off White Thin Cushion, Black Pillows, Geometrical Wire Pendnat, Wooden Table
Dining Area, Wooden Herringbone Pattern, Wooden Table, Wooden Chairs, Wooden Covered Pendant, Bench With Blue Cushion, White Built In Shelves, Windows

Dining is an activity that some people use to make relationships better. Dining table gives you chance to sit around the dearest ones and have some time together. It gives you a chance to reconnect with the other. And for that, a great dining table set will help to make dining time feel more enjoyable. Here are below some modern looking dining table that will not only help you gather around with family and friends but also help you beautify the look in the dining room.


Pink Modern Chairs

Modern look has minimalist details and cut that will gives light and simple look. This one here has smooth line on the tulip table and pink chairs as well. With muted color, the room is staying minimalist and chic.


Velvety Touch

Although velvet material can give rich feeling that is not entirely in modern and minimalist spirit, the line on the chair design is enough to give the clean lines modern seek. The marble table is an amazing match for the velvet chairs. The pendant gives a strong modern look to the room.


Glass Top

Adding a modern look can be achieved by using glass component. Here in the picture, glass material is used in the table top with wooden cross legged. The glass brings more neutrality on the wooden cross legs has.


White on White

The easiest colors that can match with wood is probably white. Combined together, they forms neutrality and clean and fresh look. This one here depicts the combination perfectly well. The most interesting thing is the unique position of wooden legs on the table that brings more refreshing effect to the room.


Warm White

As too much white can make a room go too stark, adding some warm colored wooden furniture might give warmer balance. Besides that, adding rug is always a great way to save too stark room.


Traditional Modern

When you want to make a modern room but you are still in love with the warmth the traditional look can give, combining the two might be a great idea too. This traditional dining set has beautifully reign the place in the modern dining area with its modern sleek pendant.


Simple Chairs

In making a simple look, it need simple furniture. This one here goes simple with the thin sleek table to be the center of its wooden chairs and a comfortable added bench that adds an interesting texture and color here.


Modern Corner

Besides modern dining table with round tables, modern look can also be applied on those comfortable looking dining nook. This one here has a fairly amount of modern look with the lamp, the chairs, the table, and of course the bench. But, it does not mean it can’t add some pillows that make the nook looks comfortable.


Geometric Pendant

Sometimes, when the room is already minimalist, it needs something with more details but will not ruin the style it already has. This one here already has the minimalist and neutral look but with added geometric lines from the ceiling pendant, it looks more interesting.


Glossy ModernĀ 

Although modern style tends to go low in merriment, adding glossy finish surely have its own benefit. This one here looks more elegant with the glossy table and beautiful glass pendants without ruining its modern vibe.

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