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kitchen, wooden floor, white cabinet, white marble counter top, wooden framed indented window bay, open shelves, large windows School House

Kitchen, White Patterned Floor, White Subway Backsplash, White Cabinet, Wooden Counter Top
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Backsplash, White Cabinet, Black Sink, Black Open Shelves, Black Cabinet
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, White Subway Backsplash, Wooden Counter Top, White Indented Shelves, Rattan Pendants
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, White Marble Counter Top, Wooden Framed Indented Window Bay, Open Shelves, Large Windows
Kitchen, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Wooden Ceiling, White Cabinet, White Floating Shelves, White Framed Window, Wooden Counter Top, Rattan Chair And Rug
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, Wooden Counter Top, Rattan Top, Wooden Open Shelves, Wooden Dining Set
Kitchen, Brown Hexagonal Floor Tiles, White Subway Backsplash, Green Cabinet With White Mabrle Top, Green Wooden Island With Wooden Top, Stools
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Wall, White Wooden Cabinet, Green Wooden Island With White Top, Wooden Stools, White Pendant
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Subway Floor, Black Cabinet With White Marble Top, White Apron Sink, Wooden Open Shelves, White Pendant, Golden Faucet
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, White Backsplash, White Glass Cabinet, Rattan Pendant, Rattan Stools

Farmhouse look is always inviting. It gives out warmth and sophisticated look that make people want to come and stay in the room. Putting it in the kitchen would make the kitchen itself a space that makes you feel comfortable to prepare the food and even to dine together. However, sometimes farmhouse style can look too old for some people. With more modern touch, farmhouse style can look even young and chic. Here below are some modern farmhouse kitchens you would love to get your inspirations from.

White and Fresh
This farmhouse kitchen makes a fresh look with white floating shelves and white framed window that bring maximum level of light and fresh air. Combined with natural wooden counter top, the white cabinet looks even fresher, especially with rattan rug and chair.

Warm Floor
This farmhouse kitchen looks brilliant with its warmth strongly brought out by the brown hexagonal floor tiles and the fresh green wooden kitchen cabinet. This is completed with green wooden island that is also supported by warm wooden top.

Modern White
The kitchen below combines farmhouse look with modern style perfectly well. The white cabinet gives a neutral modern look along with the white subway backsplash and the light wooden counter top. The wooden covered lighting fixture above the counter makes it even more amazing.

Wooden Farmhouse
This farmhouse looks so fabulous with all natural wooden surface. The kitchen looks simple and modern while also puts farmhouse ambiance in it. The dining set at front strengthens the look even more.

Fresh Air Added
This kitchen brings out farmhouse style on the cabinet design and the natural material seen on the counter top and pendant. The simplicity of the white subway backsplash gives modernity to the space. And the kitchen is in open room and added with windows that support the airy look.

Fresh White
This is another kitchen that brings out fresh accent with the white cabinet on top and at the bottom as well as the large glass window. The rattan pendant and stools give a lively and fresh touches to the white and fresh kitchen.

Traditional Wood
This kitchen shows off the traditional look of wood usage. Used with simple accents, the wall looks amazingly beautiful. Combined with white cabinet and green island, the space like modern and traditional at the same time.

Deep Farmhouse
While farmhouse style often shows warm look, this one here puts a dark cabinet at the bottom and makes deep dimension. It is combined with white counter top and subway wall that makes the black bottom looks even pronounced. The open shelves make the space more interesting, along with the traditional apron sink.

Wooden Lines
This farmhouse kitchen shows elegant and graceful look in the farmhouse kitchen. The white cabinet is prettified with golden accents and marble top. The counter is created in the window bay and make a bright and incredible counter.

Black Accents
This kitchen, with black and white color, makes a simple modern look. However, the use of black is unique and unusual that it makes the room looks interesting. The black open shelves and sink creates a really interesting look in this white kitchen.

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