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To have to work from home can both be a blessing and a problem. While working from home can give so much flexibility, a home has given so much comfort that sometimes working from home make all the focus gone. That is why, a home office should feel pleasant to work from but also do not make one feels forget the priority. Here are some ideas on modern office rooms which are the perfect option for those who love sophisticated home office.


Dark Polished

In acquiring elegance, it is common use to have black in the furniture. Black polished furniture is the best thing to gain elegance, not to mention the golden lines. And, with the clean lines of modernity in the table and stool, this one here looks so centered. The best place to work.


Extrovert Room

Sometimes, the reason why people choose to work from home is because they don’t want to go too far away from their family. And if one feels that way, an extrovert room without door is a good option. A room with more friendly environment but still has the sleek look will balance the need to be a family centered person and a professional worker.


Small and Cozy

As a modern office might sounds too serious, making home office to be not too serious can be from playing the lighting of the office. With bright light and light colored furniture, home office can look less intimidating but still has the concentration one needs. The table in this one helps the modern yet less intimidating room in display.


Thin and Sleek

Obtaining modern look for a home office is not difficult. With sleek and thin table and its geometric legs, a modern ambiance is already in the room. And this thin and sleek lines will get you concentrated easily.


Masculine Room

As modern style commonly uses natural material, wooden table and chairs are often seen in a modern home office. And to maintain the modern look, the room should maintain the simplicity of the room. However, adding an interesting accent like leather is a fun thing to do to make the room more interesting, or to make it more masculine.


White Ashed Table

There are so many kinds of people who need to work from home, from the executives to the creative people. Those who work in less serious job, this one here might be more comfortable. With white ashed table that looks so pretty, this room will make anyone work with a happy heart.


Simple Corner

For simpler home office corner, this one here is a real beauty. The table and chair is sleek and looks supportive with everything you need.


Glass and Rattan

When taking natural material for modern home office, it’s common to think about wooden table and chair. However, to add a great touch, rattan is actually an amazing sight for home office. The feeling of fun makes less pressure. And combined with glass top table, only the best part of natural feeling is shown.


Comfortable Modern

It’s another home office with glass top but combined with more sturdy chair with warm colored leather chair. The simplicity shown in the sleek lines of the furniture makes the home office rich with focus.


Sophisticated ModernĀ 

While modern style can look so simple, this one here using modern element of glass and gold but it looks sophisticated. The room looks elegant and quite merry with the plants and crystal chandelier. However, with modern characters in the most important part of an office, you can add little fun.

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