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modern king size bedroom sets leatherette stitched headboard design bedroom set includes king bed 2 nightstands dresser and mirror LA Furniture Store

If you are looking for simple, futuristic, and compatible furniture for your bedroom, you can get a modern bedroom set. It may consist of a bed, dresser, and nightstand. If you want to have it for your main bedroom, you should look for the king size bedroom set with some decoration. Here are some modern king size bedroom sets that you may love.

Modern King Size Bedroom Sets with Fairview Platform Storage

This master bedroom has a Fairview platform storage bed with drawers. The storage space is so efficient. It is constructed from wood veneers and solid. It has a black finish. It will look classy for your bedroom. You can find four drawers and a shelf in the headboard.

Contemporary Platform Bed

This bedroom set features an exotic demolition hardwoods and black walnut. The headboard is made in sleek horizontal lines. There are two nightstands with their decoration. Each table has some drawers. There is a large stand mirror with the same material.

Tribecca Bookcase Bed

This bed has a big and large headboard. It can be called bookcase bed. It has some shelf and storage where you keep your belongings. The shelf has a mini soft light pendant. Beside the bed, there is a wooden storage. To get the warm floor, you can place a cream framed rug on the floor.

The Sleeping Beauty Modern King Size Bedroom Sets

This bed features a king size bed, unique patterned headboard, two side mirrored tables, beautiful dresser, a bench, and a beautiful mirror. The beautiful chandelier makes the bedroom more lovely.

The Bahamas King Bedroom

This bedroom set contains Bahama unique dresser, Bahamas king platform bed, and Bahamas nightstand. This bedroom set will give you sophisticated look to your bedroom. the stainless steel makes a retro look.

Modern Lacquer King Bedroom Set

This bedroom set includes a king bed, 2 nightstands, dresser, and mirror. This bedroom set has a high gloss lacquer finish. It makes the bedroom look luxurious. The bed comes with unique stitched headboard.

Trendy Cherry Wooden King Bed Set

This trendy bed set consists of a wooden bed, nightstands and a dresser. This wooden bed set design is suitable for contemporary look of the room. A feeling of coziness is conveyed by cherry or tobacco oak finish.

Sophisticated Modern King Size Bedroom Sets

This bedroom set is finished in a rich deep brown finish and a smooth touch. It consists of a king size leather sleigh bed, dresser with landscape mirror, and a nightstand. To decorate your bedroom, you can set a Zuna rug and unique chandelier.

King Canopy Bed

This bedroom set features a king canopy bed, aluminum nightstands, and a mirrored cabinet. You also can add a leather sofa set to your bedroom. For the lighting, you can hang cups ceiling lamp.

Glam Bedroom Set

You can have a glam and modern king size bedroom sets with a unique bedroom set. There are a square luxurious bed, nightstands, and dresser with mirror in high gloss lacquer finish.

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