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kitchen, white wall, green wall, wooden floating shelves, white kitchen cabinet, grey top cabinet Easy Cooking

Kitchen, Brown Floor Tiles, White Wall, Yellow Wall Tiles Backsplash, Wooden Kitchen Cabinet With Black Marble Top, Wooden Floating Shelves
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Yellow Ktchen Cabinet, White Marble Top, White Backsplash Tile, Wooden Floating Shelves
Kitchen, Seamless Grey Floor, Patterned Tiles On Backsplash, Dark Green Kitchen Cabinet, Wooden Top, Black Floating Shelves
Kitchen, Green Kitchen Cabinet, Patterned White Marble Backsplash, White Top, Green Floating Shelves
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Black Iron Pendants, Black Kitchen Cabinet, Wooden Top, Black Patterned Backsplash, Wooden Floating Shelves
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Patterned Rug, Pink Wall, Wooden Floating Shelves, Golden Pendants, Green Kitchen Cabinet, White Top
Kitchen, Blue Kitchen Cabinet, White Wall, Wooden Hexagonal Accessories, Wooden Floating Shelves
Kitchen, White Floor, Grey Wall, Green Kitchen Cabinet With Wooden Top, Wooden Floating Shelves, Grey Freeze
Kitchen, Grey Floor Tiles, Blue Kitchen Cabinet With Wooden Top, White Wooden Plank, White Cabinet
Kitchen, White Wall, Green Wall, Wooden Floating Shelves, White Kitchen Cabinet, Grey Top Cabinet

Modern style room can look really simple as people love to create a nice and tidy look with easy color. However, you can play with the details to make the room even more interesting. Backspalsh is a perfect place to make some details and give a pretty touch. This one below is a compilation of pretty modern kitchens with some details that will not ruin the modern look while decorating the space.

Bright Cabinet
This one here looks really simple in design. However, the yellow color on the cabinet makes a great touch to the room that it brightens the room in sophisticated way. Not only the yellow cabinet, this kitchen has another details that makes the space feels amazing: the subtle pattern on the backsplash.

Neutral Kitchen
This modern kitchen has a very neutral and light look. The wall and the cabinet makes a matching combination while the green line painted on the backsplash make a nice accent. The floating shelf allows you to put nice looking things to decorate the space along with the simple pendants.

Hexagonal Details
This kitchen has a minimalist look with neutral colors. The smooth blue cabinet makes a tidy and amazing look combined with the white wall and wooden hexagonal accessories on the wall and the subtle patterns on the floor.

Greyn Kitchen
This minimalist kitchen makes an amazing look with the green kitchen cabinet and grey wall with subtle pattern. The combination of minimalist details make the room looks bright and light while the wooden accent give warmth to the space.

Patterned Wall
This interesting kitchen has a warm and patterns on the wall while putting minimalist and dark completion for the space. The green cabinet is perfect for the greenish look on the wall. The patterns are a big block on teh wall and this has made a strong impression.

Pretty Combination
This modern kitchen has an interesting look thanks to the pretty combination seen on it. The wall is parted in three parts with pink wall on top that is decorated with pretty sconces, and white patterned backsplash on the second part, below the floating shelves and the third part is the green kitchen cabinet. This combination looks so pretty together.

Glimmer BAcksplash
This one here also has an interesting look with its simple setting. This small nook is decorated with green cabinet and shimmering look from the cabinet and the backsplash.

Light Modern
This kitchen puts a sweet look with its wooden material. The wooden shiplank makes a pretty detail along with the golden looking holder. In this simple and sweet kitchen, all the lines and rounds make pronounced look.

Fresh Sky
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses blue color on the cabinet and creates a sweet and pretty looking kitchen. This one puts white glossy herringbone on the backsplash and creates a subtle yet pretty details, along with the open shelves.

Sunny Details
This kitchen is another one that has bright and bold details on it. Although modern look appreciates more calming and neutral color, this sunny geometrical detail on the wall is such a pretty accent.

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