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living room, white rug, golden tray table, white sofa, pink pillows, golden pendant, Home Decorating Inspiration

Living Room, Pink Rug, Black Round Coffee Table, Black Side Table, Grey Sofa, Pink Grey Red Pillows, White Wall
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, Brown Wall, Black Sofa, Golden Coffee Table, Black Pendnat With Golden Bulbs, Pink Tufted Ottoman
Living Room, White Rug, White Wall, Black Chandelier, Black Sofa, Pink Tufted Ottoman, Round Mirror, Coffee Tbale
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, Grey Wall, White Wall, Silver Pendants, Grey Corner Sofa, Black Tray Coffee Table
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Sofa, Pink Ottoman, White Tufted Ottoman, Black Console Table
Living Room, Brown Wooden Floor, Rattan Rug, Grey Wall, Grey Velvet Corner Sofa, Round Wooden Table, White Pendant, Rattan Ottoman
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Rug, Grey Sofa, Round Mirrors, Pink Tufted Bench, Coffee Table Black Glass Top
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Black Shelves, Grey Corner Sofa, Round Coffee Table, Purple Ottoman, Modern Pendant
Living Room, White Rug, Golden Tray Table, White Sofa, Pink Pillows, Golden Pendant,
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Grey Sofa, Round Coffee Table, Pendants

Having modern comfortable living room is amazing. You would have the sophisticated look with the ability to get you comfortable and relaxed. With the right accessories and furniture, a living room would be amazing like this. These ones below will give you ten stunning ideas where you can get some inspirations.

Pinkish Accents
This living room gives a really interesting simple background with grey wall and sofa. The light grey pendants strengthens this look beautifully along with silver tray table and black accents that gives depth. This room has a sweet and interesting look with pink pillows and blanket that makes the room looks rich.

Simple and Sweet
This is another living room that has pink accents around the space. In this minimalist living room, pastel green and blue has been a beautiful background for the pink and nude accent. The stairs on the back even gives an interesting look for the living room.

Dark Living Room
In this simple and modern living room, dark ambiance is used in the seating area. And this brings the living room to a dark minimalist look. The pretty coffee table serves the space a delicate and pretty look with its glass top and pretty details.

Chic and Modern
Similar to the previous one, this living room also gives interesting details with its pink pillows and ottoman. The ottoman is accompanied by white tufted ones that makes this lviing room is so inviting for big party of friends.

Neutral Contrast
This one puts a nice and pretty living room with low contrast. The dark sofa looks beautifully great combined with the white wall while the pink pillows and tufted ottoman makes the space even more interesting.

Dark Accents
This sweet and chic living room also brings in grey corner sofa. Combined with dark yet sophisticated details like purple ottoman and black coffee table, the room feel lively yet dark in the same time.

Golden Lines
You can create an amazing living room even in a small space. You can put grey sofa and adds some pillows on it. Like this one, a black coffee table and a matching side table would be able to gives dimension in the space.

Fresh in White
This living room is probably the brightest among the previous one. This one pulls a great living room with white rug, light grey sofa and pink tufted bench. Pretty coffee table is set to complete this along with impressive pendant and simple round mirrors.

Golden Living Room
This living room also puts out a really comfortable look with white sofa and pink pillows. The golden pendants and tray coffee table gives a strong and elegant accent for this lviing room. The combination is lively and chic.

Pink Golden
Similarly, this one also puts golden accents on the room. The coffee table serves a really pretty golden accents below that matches the pendant. The pink pillows and ottoman makes a sweet and interesting look.

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