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living room with ret sofa, wooden coffee table, blue soft cuhioned chairs, wooden chairs with red orange cushion Rays and Greys

Living Room With Wooden Framed Chairs With Beige Cushion, Beige Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table, Wooden Wall Shelves, Mirror, Asymetrical Pendant Lamp
Living Room With Black Rug, Beige L Sofa, Black Leathered Chairs, Round Glass Cofee Table, White Lounge Chair
Living Room With Grey Rug, Blue Grey Sofa, Black Chair, Blue Ottoman, Wooden Bench By The Window, Fireplace
Living Room With White Rug, White Sofa, White Chairs, Black Wooden Coffee Table, Pendant Lamp
Living Room With Wooden Chairs With Shite Cushion, Steel Round Coffee Table With Glass Top, Grey Long Sofa, Wooden Shelves
Living Room With Ret Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table, Blue Soft Cuhioned Chairs, Wooden Chairs With Red Orange Cushion
Living Room With Grey Sofas With Green Pillows, Triangular Glass Top Table, Orange Cushion Chair, Grey Rug
Living Room With Blue Sofa, Black Leathered Sofa, Wooden Shelves
Living Room With Patterned Rug, Blue Sofa, Black And White Patterned Chairs, Partition, Table Lamp, Side Table
Living Room With Wooden Walls, Floors, Shelves, And Coffee Table As Well As Off White Rug, Sofa, And Side Table

As one of the high demand styles in interior design, mid century modern furniture have been a high demand things as well in the market. The famous sleek line and clean cut is on the market and people are looking for it. Below are some marvellous ideas on how people put the furniture together to create comfortable area to gather around.

Warm Monochrome Colors

As you can see in this picture, the chairs with the sleek and clean lines are in monochrome tones, as well as the rug. However, unlike the usual cool monochrome, this room looks warm. With wooden frame on the chairs and side table, as well as the soft material on the rug, these chosen furnishings warm the room.

Clean Lines and Colors

In this room, the spirit of mid century is easily seen in the sleek lines of the chairs, the wall shelves, the minimalist coffee table, and in the asymmetrical pendant lights. With white nude colors, what already looks clean, feel even cleaner.

Warm Wooden Modern Furniture

Even though people tend not to mix wooden furniture with modern interior design, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Here in the picture, the owner mixes wooden furniture with minimalist modern style as you can see in the floor, partition, book shelves, and table.

Modern White on Wood Floor

For some people, having white furniture can show how modern and simple the owner is, although actually white furniture asks you more effort to keep it clean. However it is true that white color gives you the feeling of simplicity and modernity, not to mention when the furniture itself is on modern style.

Playing with the Lines

Even though modern interior design seek to show simplicity in clean lines, you can also show modernity with playing lines as seen in this picture on the chairs’ frame. It shows naked lines that will look fresh. In the middle of clean and sleek furniture, it looks different.

Cozy Lovable Room

With nude color, you can get the warm living room without forgetting the simplicity on modern interior design. In this picture, the simplicity of the sofa and chairs is at balance with the round coffee table. The mid century pattern is shown from the chairs’ pattern and the pillows.

Minimalist Monochrome

Here in the living room with tilted ceiling, you can see how the room uses the ceiling to be one of the lights source by using glass on the ceiling besides also have big window and curved floor lamp and some lights on the ceiling. The furniture itself is simple with black chairs, white lounge chair, and white corner sofa.

Clean Look with Warm Color

Usually, white color empower clean look but it doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative and mix white color with warmer color. In this picture, even though the rug and the sofa are in off white color, the owner put blue ottoman to be the coffee table and bring a chair with darker color.

Sofa for Minimalist Open Living Room

In this picture, you can see how to make an open area to be warmer and comfortable so that people can gather around. You need more comfortable sofa with minimalist details, and some pillows with different patterns to avoid it to feel empty. And you can also see that some paintings can make your room merrier.

Minimalist Furniture in Small Living Room

Different from the previous one, you can see that the sofa and rugs are in grey color. Even the coffee table is with glass top that will make the room even more minimalist. However, with the rug, even if it’s minimalist, it also says a warm great welcome.

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