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big modern mountain house with sotne exterior walls, big windows, modern and fashionable interior 186 Lighting Design Group

Small Modern Mountain House With Angled Roof And Ceiling, Steel Beams Inside To Prorps Ceiing, Airy Rooms
Modern Mountain House With Stone Wall Exterior, Arched Roof, Window Wall
Big Modern Mountain House With Sotne Exterior Walls, Big Windows, Modern And Fashionable Interior
Modern Mountain Homes With Rustic Exterior, The Stone Wall Exterior, The Angled Roof, Many Big Windows, Airy Interior
Modern Mountain Home With Rustic Exterior, Pitch Of Roof, Chimney, Stone Wall Exterior, Vaulted Ceiling, Wood Flooring, Wooden Ceiling
Modern Mountain House With Sleek Angled Roof, Large Yard For Outdoor Gathering, And Modern Comfortable Interior
Modern Mountain House With Wooden Exterior Wall, Terrace With Large Roof
Modern Mountain House With Wooden Exterior Wall With Simple And Sleek Roof, Beautiful Interior
Modern Mountain House With Stone Exterior Walls In First Floor And Stone In The Second Floor, Sleek Angled Roof
Modern Mountain Home With Wooden Exterior Walls And Ceiling In Stained Brown And Blue, With Wooden Deck And Post

Modern mountain homes have been more popular than ski cabin these days. People demand more to spend their nights in modern mountain homes and enjoy their time more rather than coming to a cabin. The characteristics are outdoor/indoor activity area, strong materials but sleek lines, modern and contemporary interiors and exteriors. If you are looking for mountain modern homes to spend the nights, you might not find it here. But, if you are looking for the ideas on how mountain modern homes might look the best, here are some examples.

Vail Modern Mountain Home

The exterior of this home is sleek and stylish with many open spaces for lights to come through. The stone wall gives the natural feeling that merges well with the surrounding view. Although the rooms are airy with high ceiling that makes it fun to spend the days, some of the rooms have medium low ceiling that will make the temperature warmer in the nights.

Denver Mountain Home

This home is simple yet artistically built. It has stone wall exterior and the walls are mostly glass window wall. The roof is arched. The interior is beautifully warm wooden natural theme.

Modern Mountain Homes

This one has rustic exterior style with the stone wall exterior and the vaulted roof and chimney. The interior are also rustic with the wooden flooring and wooden vaulted ceiling. The furniture is either in natural color or in wooden and leather material. The paintings are also in animals drawing. The lighting fixtures are beautifully wrought iron fixtures.

Martis Camp Modern Mountain Home

This one is modern mountain house with rustic feeling. The exterior wall is in wooden wall and stone posts. In the terrace, there is fire pit to make joyful nights with your family and friends. The interior is warm bright, simple, and modern.

Sacramento Modern Mountain Home

In this sleek line mountain home, the wall both in the exterior and interior are dominantly from wood and stone. In this side of picture is from wood while the other side is from stone. Both inside and outside the house, there are so many area to do group activities, such as bar, fire pit, and living rooms. It is perfect for family or group vacation.

Denver Mountain Cabin

In this house, the roof is angled and so is the ceiling inside. The house stands alone and uses the contrast of its surrounding as part of its beauty. There are steel beams that prop the ceiling as part of their interior. Although the hose is small, the interior is light that the room feels airy.

Seattle Wooden Modern Mountain Home

This one is really pretty. The exterior walls are from stained wood in brown and the ceiling are in blue. The deck is also from wood. So if you see from outside, it’s all wood. The inside is also really beautiful with its modern bathroom, kitchen and warm living room.

Modern Mountain Cabin

In this house, you can see that from outside the exterior wall is from wood and stone. The other side of the house is also a place with fire pit that you can gather around it with your companions.

Modern Mountain House with Large Canopy

As you can see, in this picture, the ceiling above the front terrace is large. You can use your terrace for a place to gather with your groups. The exterior wall is from wood but the ceiling is from stone. The natural look on it ensures you that the interior is also comfortable.

Denver Mountain House

This one picture is big and beautiful with exterior stone wall and big windows so that you can enjoy the outside scenery while living in a natural home. The interior is also simple and natural with earthy color palette and stone wall in some rooms.

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