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outdoor seating space with LED Lighting under the furniture, the branch, and white floor lamp beside the sofa Harold Leidner

Outdoor Seating Space With LED Lighting Under The Furniture, The Branch, And White Floor Lamp Beside The Sofa
Linear Light Fictures Along The Fence
Outdoor Lighting On The Wooden Wall Rail
White Floor Lamps On Many Shapes For Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor Lighting On The Wooden Wall Rail
Outdoor Lighting On The Path, On The Pavement And On The Grass Wall
Outdoor LED Tape Lighting On The Wall
Blue LED Lighting Under The Floating Steps From The Yard To The Building
Outdoor Lighting Randomly Spread On The Yard Grass
Outdoor Lighting In The Stairs, On The Fence, And From The Building

Lighting is not only the matter of indoor. It is also the matter of outdoor, especially when you have yard so that you know where to walk to your house. Outdoor lighting is not only a matter of giving lights to whoever stands outside but it is also a matter of beauty. Of course, having pretty lights in the night will make your house, even the minimalist, look amazing. And that is why you should choose the best lighting that can enhance your yard.

Blue Stepping Lights

In this picture, you can see how the owner put blue LED lights under their floating stepping stone. Besides ensuring that people will walk in the right path to go to the building, it also gives a dramatic beauty to the yard.

Warm Fence Lights

In this one, you can see that the lighting is not really bright. It is in fact more calming and it enunciates the lobby prettily. The lights are put near the bushes so that it radiates with bush shadow.

Small Lights on the Path

This is another light that are beautifully put. The lights shine a small area in the paving path. And there are spotlights that beam to the grass wall. It’s all creates pretty ambiance to stroll at night.

Lights on the Grass

This one is pretty unique. In this picture, the outdoor lights lay between the grass covered lawns. It is put tilt or rather randomly but it gives unique aura to the house.

Mesmerizing Blue

This one has mesmerizing aura created by the blue LED lights. The lighting is put under the furniture: the sofa, the table, and the branch decoration. When the lights are on, it looks glowing.

Gleaming in the Wall

This picture shows you how simple lighting can turn into pretty sights too. You just need to put your lighting in the wall and let it shines to the top and under the lamp.

Long Plant Box Lights

This lighting is really pretty and unique. It might seem just a glint long lights that is attached to the plant box but the effect it gives is huge. Your yard looks great and cool.

Home Lights for Outdoor Lighting

This one might look bright but it is not because of the outdoor lamp. As you can see, the outdoor lamps are on the outer wall and on the rails. But the brightest lights are from the house itself.

Romantic Blurred

You will notice how in this picture there are three floor lamps that are put together near the pool. Although the installation is not complicated, it might be the easiest; it doesn’t mean that it can give beautiful effect on your outdoor scenery.

white floor lamps on many shapes for outdoor lighting


Around the Wall

As the other pictures tell you, you can put lighting anywhere you want to create any effect you like. And this one, the lighting is put in the wooden rail wall and around the bushes. The lights glint beautifully.

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