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glass partition on wooden siland, woden floor, white cabinet, white wall, wooden kitchen top Sunny Home Garden

Glass Partition For Living Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Sofa, Study Table, Shelves, Artistic Pendant
Glass Partition On Wooden Siland, Woden Floor, White Cabinet, White Wall, Wooden Kitchen Top
Room Partition, Black Frame And Half Wood, Half Glass, Kitchen With Wooden White Nuance, Wooden Built In Bench Around, Wooden Floor, Black Coffee Table
Glass Partition For Living Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Low Cabinet For TV, Round Coffee Table, Dining Set
Glass Partition On Cabinet In The Kitchen, White Cabinet, Wooden Top, Wooden Chevron Floor, White Cabinet With Middle Shelves
Glass Partition With Wooden Frame On White Wall, Kitchen With White Cabinet, Wooden Floor, Dining Table Set, Grey Sofa
Glass Partition For Living Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Sofa, Coffee Table, Shelves
Kitchen, Grey Cabinet, Glass Partition, Open Shelves, Pendants
Glass Partition On Wooden Shelves, Wooden Floor, Dining Set Table, Silver Pendant, White Wall
Purple Half Wall, Glass Partition, Pendants, Pots, White Floor, Grey Rug, Grey Chair, Round Nesting Coffee Table

Room partition can be in many shapes and size. However, if you long for something that will match the simplicity of your small room, these ones here might be the ones that you’re looking for. With the right partition, you will be able to feel comfortable and right in the room. And these below are some beautiful room partition that you can find some inspirations from.

Make the Room
When you have an open room concept in the house, it is a great thing to make more permanent boundaries with partition. In this one here, the partition is built around the kitchen area. To make the space not wasted, built-in bench is around the partition. It adds more seating place in the kitchen.

Add Some Shelf
When your room has already has not-so-tall half wall partition, you can add glass partition to close the deal. This way, you will have more permanent boundary but without making it too heavy in look, like this one here. The wall can be made shelf for whatever you want.

Addition to Shelves
Similar to the previous one, this one here also adds glass partition to the already there items. In this picture, it is put above shelves and make the room more solid with it. Shelves under still can be used in usual.

On the Island
For an open kitchen, to make the smell and heat not too exposed, glass partition on the island like this one can work well. Or if your kitchen is so small, you can let down the wall and change it with something like this one. It’s lighter and makes the room feels brighter and larger.

In the Living Room
To make living room feels wide and inviting, putting glass partition is one of the things that you can do. Unlike wall, glass partition give anyone a clear peek inside the comfortable living room. And a simple one like this leaves it tidy and clean.

Part the Study Room
For a small space house, glass partition can help a lot. It gives more solid line to the open room without making it a real barriers. This one here looks simple yet interesting with the random lines.

Welcome Entrance
Besides being a great partition to the room, glass partition can also be a welcoming entrance like this one here. Placed right in front of the entrance, it gives a warm welcome to the guest seeing that the host has been open from the start.

On the Wall
If you don’t like to the suffocating wall on your small room, putting small glass window on it can help it. Something simple and minimalist like this one can bring more comfortable sight both to the kitchen and living room.

To Make the Area Solid
This one here also shows a kitchen with glass partition to make the kitchen more solid without makes it too cramped inside. Put it on the cabinet, it has saved even more space.

On the Kitchen
Instead of raising some solid partition, this kitchen here choose to see some view to the house so that while cooking, they would be able to feel loose and comfortable.

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