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white bed orange throw pillow glass window chandelier wall decoration desk shelves round table red office chair sofa TV home office rugs Susan Diana Harris

Loft Bed Mirrored Wardrobe Tiled Floor Ceiling Recessed Lights Under Bed Desk Under Desk Storage Office Chair Computer Bag Holder Purple Sofa
White Bedding Grey Pillow Wooden Wall Wooden Floor Open Cabinet White Seat Bench White Fireplace Artwork Wall Hanging Lamps Area Rug
Red Wall Sliding Glass Door Black Headboard Glossy Sideboard Folding Stool Wood Slat Desk Granite Countertop White Bedding Wall Decoration Orange Arm Chair Track Lights Wall Mirror
Blue Flat Panel Cabinet Unfolding Bed Built In Shelves Wooden Floor Yellow Arm Chair Wooden Coffee Table Orange Sofa White Cabinet Glass Window
Compact Room Hideaway Kitchen Dark Flat Panel Cabinet White Open Shelves White Cabinet White Coffee Table Greenery Lightwood Floor Purple Area Rug Curtain Recessed Light
Tiled Wall Hardwood Floor Lounge Chair Dark Head Board Floating Cabinet Small Round Table Coffee Table Glass Door Wall Door
White Wardrobe White Wall Frosted Glass Sliding Room Divider White Cabinet Track Lights Standing Lamp Area Rug Orange Chair Glass Vase
White Bed Orange Throw Pillow Glass Window Chandelier Wall Decoration Desk Shelves Round Table Red Office Chair Sofa TV Home Office Rugs
Built In Storage Area Rug White Chairs Ceiling Lamps Standing Lamp Open Shelves Wall Mirror Ghost Bar Stools White Countertop Undermount Sink Island
Folding Bed Grey Sofa Grey Open Shelves Mirrored Wardrobe Rug Area Wooden Floor

Modern studio apartment provides you the cozy space to live. With the modern ideas, these following ten designs still enable you to have your private room. Some designs in different models are provided in accordance to your preference.

Minimalist Modern Studio Bedroom

This modern studio bedroom provides you the home office and relaxing space while enjoying the television. It is completed with the artwork wall and office desk under the open shelves. It also has the contrast wall colors of grey and white. Indeed, it is a perfect place for the people who spend most of their working time in the apartment.

Colored City Studio Apartment

For you who want to have refreshing studio bedroom in the apartment, this colorful bedroom might be your choice. The colorful elements are found on the wall, pillow, armchair and the other furniture. Besides, you will have the stunning wall decoration, the headboard and the tools under the sideboard. In addition, the glass doors enable you to enjoy the outside view well.

Urban Studio Apartment

Three main colors in this urban studio bedroom  are white, grey and red. It looks simple yet cozy with its murphy bed and the open shelves beside the bed. The frosted glass wall matches well with the white arm-chair and white island.

Downtown Studio Bedroom with Murphy Bed

It is another type of modern studio bedroom with the murphy bed. The white bedding blends well with the grey sofa and open shelves. The mirrored wardrobe provides you multi-functional space as mirror and storage system. This studio bedroom is also enriched with the patterned area rug that serves you colorful touch.

Blue Unfolding Bed

This modern studio bedroom apartment has two functional spaces: bedroom and working space. You still can have your focused time to work since this bedroom provide you the unfolding bed with the contemporary blue cabinet. It is even more incredible with the built-in shelves inside the unfolding cabinet.

Southern Modern Studio Bedroom

It is a studio apartment studio that combines between rustic style and modern view. This bedroom gives you queen sized-bed with wooden back wall and wooden floor. It is stunning also with the hanging lamps and artwork wall decoration. Finally, the fireplace is a must-have bedroom part in this room.

Modern Apartment Loft Bedding

This nice modern studio room has loft bedding with the working desk under the bed. It also has the stunning storage system under the desk. Thus, it leaves you quite spacious space in your room.

Contemporary Studio Apartment

It serves you with bedroom and family room without any transition. Th bedroom itself is so heartening with the tiled wall, the amazing floating cabinet and the lounge chair. With the glass door overlooking the tropical site view, you could not even happier in this room.

Hideaway Kitchen in Modern Studio Apartment Bedroom

If you have limited space in your apartment, you might go with this idea. Beside the bed with the purple touch, you can apply the hideaway kitchen with dark flat-panel cabinet. Overlooking the cabinet, there are the dining space and the open shelves wrapped in white color.

Los Angeles Studio Apartment Bedroom

This lovely design of studio apartment bedroom has the floral bedding some white furniture such as flat-panel white wardrobe and cabinet. To enrich its beauty, it is completed with the orange chair and flower arrangement. The others incredible parts are of course the track lights and the frosted sliding glass door as the transition room.

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