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white house contemporary overhang glass walls glass balcony swimming pool mansion pendant lights Mixed Element

Exterior Facade Backlight Room Floral Patterned Wall Red Roof White Railing Brick Railing High Glass Window
Gray Stucco Boxed House Flat Roof White House White Garage Recessed Lights Wall Lights Black Window Trim Glass Window
White House Stone Entry Side Contemporary Front Door Glass Window Flat Panel Wall Glass Balcony Water Feature
Flat Roof Two Storey White House Stone Chimney Wooden Door Wall Sconce Recessed Lights High Glass Windows Landscape
Two Storey House White House Glass Wall High Window Metal Railing Stone Chimney Fireplace Balcony Small Garden
BBQ Space Open Kitchen Swimming Pool Glass Railing Flat Roof Wooden Door Ceiling Fan Brick Fireplace Glass Window
Sloping Roof Pizza Oven White Wall Green Wall Dining Room Black Window Ceiling Fan Wall Light
Flat Roof Grey Stucco Grey Wall White Wall Frosted Glass Panel Skinny Glass Window Landscape
White House Contemporary Overhang Glass Walls Glass Balcony Swimming Pool Mansion Pendant Lights
Exterior Wooden Wall High Window Glass Door Flat Roof Landscape Stone Wall

For most people, white is a color signifying something clean, pure, quiet, even elegance. That is why I believe that white houses are ,for some people, their favorite options. Aside from the color, in this millennia era people’s taste are into something contemporary, modern and minimalist. This review below will provide some information about modern white house you may adore.

Modern House with Overhang

This modern house is dominant with the color of white and slight brown. The design looks more tempting with the glass wall and spacious overhang. With the swimming in front, it provides you with the best space to relax.

Tropical Contemporary White House

With the palm trees and the landscape, this house serves you the neat design of tropical residence. The high windows will enable you to feel more sense of calmness.

Stucco Boxed House

Being different from the previous ideas, this house gives the perspective of box and stucco design of house. With the number of recessed lights and glass windows, this house stands adorably.

Modern Floating House

This house does not really float, but the stunning design with the second floor overlaps the first one will give the view that it is like a floating floor. The front door is truly dissimilar and the water feature is everyone’s want.

Contemporary Beach House

If you are the ones who like to have barbecue party or simply other outdoor activities, this design of house is the best match for you. It provides you with the open kitchen and dining space as well as the backyard just next to the swimming pool.

Outdoor Living of Minimalist House

Do you love pizza as you love outdoor space in minimalist house? If your answer is yes, then don’t get bother to go with this house idea. It is the perfect place for people who love to hang out and enjoy the foods in natural place.

Backlight Modern House

Basically the strength of this house design is on the bright lights that shed out through the white flat panel wall. You can imagine how cool it is if you are inside there.

Industrial Modern White House

This two-storey house has two main features to be shown off: the glass wall with the back trims and the high stone chimney. Besides the room that is directly overlooking the small garden, the balcony can be your favorite spot too.

Modern Countryside House

If you are the people who love more to the idea of countryside or something ranch, I am sure this design will be suitable for you. Moreover, it is combined with strong feature of modernity. You will love staying in this house a lot.

Grey and White Mixed in Minimalist House

This is other idea of boxed house with white and grey panted together. There are some green features: flowers and trees and flat panel glass wall that eventually will make you refreshed.

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