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rainbow pegboard with hooks and small boxes Instagram - West Elm

Pink Boxes With Different Shade For Storage
Rainbow Pegboard With Hooks And Small Boxes

When you decorate your room, you will want to make sure that you have everything you need. And you might also want to make sure that you have given the room the accessories or decoration that it needs, to create a beautiful and warm room. Having beautiful designed furniture can make the items not only functional but also something that will prettify the room. Here below are storage that will help you manage your things without forgetting to prettify your room.

Yellow Boxes
This one here offers storage in shelves form with littler storage in yellow. The yellow boxes in the middle brings put an interesting look on the black background. It gives a bright note to the room.

Small Shelve for Partition
This one here also puts shelves as a decoration in separate the room. Not separating the room with bulky look, this one here separates the room in light and pretty way.

Hanging Shelve
Still in the category of shelves, this one here shows an amazing look of hanging shelves with light and lanky lines which is combined with thin wooden boards. Although it looks like it is hung from black wire, this one here is actually built-in strongly from the beam to the the floor. As a room partition, it brings the a friendly and open feeling.

Hanging on Rope
This small wooden hanging shelves is a nice touch to add in the bathroom or the kitchen. You can put toilet paper, shampoo, and soap or seasoning bottles.

Thin Floating Shelves
IF you love to add something modern, lanky, and light, you will love black wired floating shelves like this one. Arranged irregularly, this one here offers an interesting look in subtle manner.

Kitchen Grid
Grid can be really useful as it can help you store your kitchen tools on it. And it can also add modern look with its square patterns seen on the wall.

Colorful Pegboard
Like grid, pegboard is a platform where you can put your things easily on its removable hook. It can also be painted like this one, on a fun colors.

Irregular Shelves
Shelves can be a really practical storage in the room but it can hold an important thing to add a beautiful touch. With the irregularity of the boards inside, these shelves offer interesting look for the room.

Triangle Shelves
This triangle offers a limited storage but it is an interesting piece to makes the room looks more fun and different. Anything can be store inside this triangle shelves. It can be a great place to store books or even glasses for you liquor.

Simple Boxes
Creating a simple storage can be made even by simple boxes, like this one here. If you have some boxes you don’t use anymore, you can paint or glued interesting patterned paper or cloth to prettify it even more. Then, you can use the box to anything you like.

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