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bathroom, beige floor, floating vanity, round sinks, arch wall, striped wall, carvings details, LED light Zuvoria

Moroccan Arch On The Shower With Grey Wall, White Wall, Grey Floor
Moroccan Bedroom With Detailed Arch, Moroccan Pendants, Moroccan Windows, Table Headboard, Beige Bedding
Moroccan Arch Mirror With Details On The Frame In Bedroom's Wall, Wooden Floor, White Sconces, Black Wooden Side Table, Pink Chairs, Wooden Coffee Table, Purple Tufted Bench
Moroccan Arch, White Wall, Moroccan Sconce, Moroccan Carving On The Wall, White Floor, Floor Table
Bathroom, Beige Floor, Floating Vanity, Round Sinks, Arch Wall, Striped Wall, Carvings Details, LED Light
Moroccan Bathroom, Black Tiles Floor, Whi Sink Vanity, Round Mirrors, Clear Glass Cage Pendant, White Wall, Moroccan Arch, Square Tiny Tiles For Shower Area, Curtain, Wooden Cabinet
Moroccan Reading Nook, White Built In Bench, Beige Cushion, Beige Pillows, Silver Pendant, Black Glossy Wooden Floor, White Side Table With Moroccan Carvings
Moroccan Arch Wall In The Living Room With Square Textured Inside Wall, White Wall, Arh Wainscoting, Wooden Floor, White Sofa, White Chairs, White Rug, Moroccan Styled Globe Pendant
Moroccan Arch On The Window, Beige Wall, Carving, Seamless Floor, Sofam Chairs, Table Lamp, Ottoman For Coffee Table
Moroccan Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Bed On The Floor, Brown Wall With Moroccan Archs, Moroccan Arch, Yellow Lamp, Moroccan Pendant, Patterned Bedding

Moroccan architecture has its own beautiful distinctive style that has made the world amazed. Its details are rich and luxurious. And that make us want to have them in our home too, especially when we go with exotic styled room. These below are some ideas how stunning Moroccan arch is placed in many rooms in the house.

Arch in the Shower
This bathroom shows the fusion of Moroccan style with modern style. The exotic style is placed in the shower area with arch and the tiny tiles covering the area while the rest of the bathroom is left with simple and minimal details. It’s a great combination.

Arch Entrance
For those who love to have exotic entrance, this one here will give you a beautiful ideas. With its neutral white color and the low floor table, this room looks simple. However, the details on the arch entrance, the carvings on the wall, and the Moroccan sconce are not simple at all.

Arch on Vanity
In this beautiful golden bathroom, the details are stunningly rich it makes us want to move closer and observe. The carvings on the wall, the sconces, the arch with beautiful carvings, the floating vanity and the round sink. Everything seems not without complicated details. The LED lights give enchanting vibe to the already dazzling bathroom.

Living Room Arch
Moroccan arch can be placed anywhere. This one here places the arch on the window where it would have an amazing illumination when the light shines through.

Bedroom Arch
Another place where you can put Moroccan arch is the bedrooms. In this bedroom, the arch shape is manifested in the form of mirror with rich details on the frame in golden lights. This is completed with wooden bedroom posts, jewel colored pillows and bench, and wooden side table.

Arch Details
In this neutral white colored living the room, the rich details look so subtle. It is seen perfectly well on the arch wall with square textured inside wall, the arch shaped wainscoting, and on the pretty coffee table.

Detailed Arch
In this bed’s alcove, the alcove does not hold to look amazing. The gorgeous windows with its colored glass combines perfectly with the Moroccan pendants and the rich detailed arch on the ceiling.

Moroccan’s Strong Vibe
Anyone who sees this bedroom will see the strong vibe it radiates. The arch with details, the warm brown wall with arch shape to put your books and decoration, the rich patterned bedding, and the Moroccan pendants have brought strong Moroccan vibe to the room.

Simple Moroccan Bathroom
While the previous bathrooms always have detailed carvings, this one here has it simple without reducing the vibe. Uniquely designed, the bathroom looks simple yet amazing.

Moroccan Reading Nook
While people rave about reading nook, this one brings reading nook in upgraded level with a beautiful details arch on the wall. Combined with silver Moroccan pendant and the octagonal side table with detailed carvings, this nook is a special sight.

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