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Having an exterior that looks beautiful is definitely a great thing and you can create your own beautiful home exterior if you want to have it. There are many colours you can combine to create a beautiful house exterior and it means that you have numerous colour choices to choose from. Here are a number of home exterior colour combinations you can get inspirations from if you want to make your house’s exterior look awesome.

Dark and Light Colours for the Exterior

A combination of dark and light colours like the one on the house below can help make a house’s exterior look cool and awesome.

Walls and Doors in Different Colours

On this house’s exterior, the walls and doors are in different colours and they should be things you can get some nice inspirations from if you’re considering applying a nice colour combination to your house’s exterior.

A Beige House with Dark Accent Colours

This beige house with dark accent colours is something you should draw inspirations from especially if beige is one of your favourite colours.

Three Main Colours

There are three main colours on this house’s exterior and they’re colours that really make the exterior look cool, colours you should get inspirations from.

An Exterior with Toned-down Tan and Aqua Accents

This exterior is where toned-down tan is combined with aqua accents to create a beautifully dynamic contrast that make the house

Dark Colours, White and Brown

On the exterior of this house, you can see dark colours being combined with white and brown. The combination creates a nice blend of colour you can see on the house.

Blue and Green

Blue and green are two of the main colours decorating the exterior of this house, which has a lot of glass on its windows and doors.

Brown, White and Red

Brown, white and red are the colours that work together to beautify the exterior of the house below, which is a quite big house.

Blue, White and Brown

The colours beautifying this quite big house are blue, white and brown, which turn out to be more than capable of creating a very nice colour blend that makes the house’s exterior look elegant.

A Blue and White Tall House

This tall house has blue and white decorating it and creating a nice colour blend it can be proud of because the combination of the two creates a simple but quite cool look.

Beige and Brown

Beige and brown work together to create an elegant look on this house’s exterior, a look the house can definitely be proud of.

Green, White and Brown

Green, white and brown are three of the main colours used on the colour of this house, which has green walls, white railings and brown pillars.

Blue and White

Blue and white are two main colours that give identity to this big house, which has doors and windows with white frames combined with blue walls.

Light Green with White Trims

Light green meets white trims to create a nice exterior colour that really beautifies this house, which has a very close relationship with grass and trees.

Aqua Blue and White

Aqua blue appears on this house’s walls and white appears on its railings, pillars and door frames to beautify the building’s exterior.

A Colourful House Exterior

The exterior of this house is so colourful and the colours it has include red, blue, green, yellow and white, among others.

Green, White and Brown

Green meets white and brown to create a nice look on the exterior of this big house with many windows including an interesting oval-shaped window.

Green as the Main Colour and Other Colours as Supporting Forces

On the exterior of this house, green functions as the main colours and other colours act as its supporting forces.

Bryan Gold and Darker Colours

The colours on this house’s exterior are Bryan gold and darker colours, which create a beautiful combination of colours that improves this house’s exterior’s overall looks.

Red Walls and Light-colored Roofs

This house’s exterior has red walls and light-colored roofs, which create a cool blend that helps create a cool look the building can certainly be proud of.

A Red and White House

This house has a white and red exterior where white appears on the doors and windows and red appears on the walls.

Yellow, White, Brown and Light Blue

This house has an exterior that definitely invites you to visit it and spend time in its area. The exterior combines yellow, white, brown and light blue. Yellow appears on the wall while white appears on the pillars, window frames and more. Brown appears on the door and parts of the windows. Light blue appears on an upper part of the building.

Yellow, Black and White

This house’s exterior combines yellow, black and white. Yellow is on the walls while white is on the window frames and some other parts. Black appears on the roof and parts of the windows and doors. There are also brown that appears on the doors.

Purple and White

This beautiful house exterior combines purple and white to create a beautiful look that will mesmerize the eyes of its beholders. Purple appears on the walls and white appears on the pillars, railings, window frames and more.

Brown, White and Purple

Brown collaborates with white and purple to create a cool modern look on this house’s exterior where you can find a brown wall, a white wall and a purple door. The combination of the three really helps turn the house’s exterior into one that looks modernly cool.

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