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black wooden bookshelves in the shape of piano, wooden floor, green rug BookBub

Wooden Cello Bar Storage, Grey Rug, Grey Wall, Chandelier
Wooden Guitar Decoration With Flowers Inside, Beige Wall
Black Wooden Bookshelves In The Shape Of G Key
Piano Bar Storage With Cabinet And Shelves
White Wooden Chair With Piano Keys Painted On The Seating, G Clef And F Clef On The Arm Rest
Table Lamp From Guitar, White Cover
Guitar Room Chimer On Top Of A White Door
Hi Hat Lamp, White Sofa, Mustard Pillow
Black Wooden Bookshelves In The Shape Of Piano, Wooden Floor, Green Rug
Wooden Piano Shelves

For those who love music instrument, having furniture inspired from music instrument would be amazing. These below are ten creative designed furniture inspired from music instrument that would be an apple to the eye. It will be a treat for those who actually play the instrument, especially musician.

Guitar Decoration
An old guitar can be a great decoration when it is repurposed. If you have an old guitar, don’t throw it away. You can make a beautiful decoration from it, like this one. With this, your wall would not be boring again.

Guitar Lamp
Another used of guitar can be seen in this one. Built new as a table lamp, this one here successfully create an interesting view on the desk. It would be something a musician love to see.

Hi Hat Lamp
Similar to the previous one, this instrument here is repurposed into a beautiful lamp floor. Shaped already like a floor lamp, this might not look too weird in the living room. The details on it makes it shows strong character.

Guitar Chimer
This one here is something that you want in your room. Imagine you come inside your room and the welcoming sound is the strumming of a guitar. Although, you might want to set the string first so that it would sound an actual key. But, nevertheless, it is a fun way to get into a room.

G Clef Bookshelves
This one here is a creative and interesting way to create a bookshelves. The black and gloss wooden G clef might not be able to store as many books as the usual bookshelves, but for a musician, this shape is more of a symbol of love. And if you love music so much, you would want to have this in your living room.

Piano Bookshelves
This one here is another bookshelves. It will store more books than the previous one and with its distinctive shape, a musician, especially a pianist would yearn to have this in their home, especially to store music related books, of probably some scores.

Cello Storage
This one here shows a smart design. It does not just pull out the front and make some shelves in the middle but it uses the front to be the door to the bar storage.

Piano Bar Storage
Similar to the previous one, this one also offers a bar storage with a place some doors and open shelves. It even offers a shelve that will hold a table lamp.

Piano Shelves
It seems like piano is the instrument creating best shelves. The space inside is more spacious that you can put some shelves in it and store many things inside.

Piano Chair
OF course it is not made from a piano, but it is inspired from piano keys. The wooden lines on the seating are painted like the ivories. And the arm rest are painted with G clef and F clef that it is easily an endearing item to have.

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