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baby room, wooden floor, white wall, blue wall, white cushion, black round box, slide Pick n Decor

White Baby Bed, White Wooden Tent, Blue Bean Bag, Pink Round Box, White Cabinet
White Tent, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Cushion
Wooden Tent, Black White Bedding, Protecting Cushion, Wooden Floor, White Grey Wall
Black Rattan Baby Crib With Curve, Grey Cushion
Baby Room, White Wall, White Grey Cushions, White Floating Shelves, Black Suitcases
Baby Room, White Wall, Blue Wall, Yellow Tent, White Bed
Wooden Tent With Pompons Cushion, Wooden Floor, Rattan Rug
Baby Room, Wooden Tent Platform, White Cushion, White Floor, Wooden Floating Shelves, White Side Table
Baby Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Blue Wall, White Cushion, Black Round Box, Slide
Grey Baby Rocking Bed, Wooden Legs

Baby and children needs their naps. It is essential for their growth. Napping is what children needs to have everyday. And for that, they will need a comfortable place. When children are sleepy, they seem like they’re okay sleeping anywhere, but if you want to make napping a fun daily schedule, you might want to make sure that their place to nap has been really supporting. It can be their own bedroom or places around the house. You know your own children. Well, as there are so many characters to discuss, here below tries to give you some inspirations.

White Lace Tent
This tent makes a beautiful accent in any room it is placed. This white lace brings out sweet, romantic and calming ambiance while it brings out fun for children by making them living their imagination fully.

Lay Down
This one is a simple cushion from pompoms that will help your children not only to nap but also to play, especially for babies. The wooden triangle help you set some fun while also being natural and pretty.

Simple Rock
This rocking bed would also be a perfect place to nap. Its rocking move would help babies to get sleepy and the simplicity of the design allows you to move the bed around the house. It would be comfortable to put it near you when you do your activities.

Rattan Crib
This one here is another simple crib that can help you watch over your newborn when you need to do your own things around the house. With this pretty black rattan crib, you will be able to get your quality time and rest while knowing your baby sleep soundly.

Floor Bed
If you are looking for something that would be more durable, you would love this floor bed. This simple bed can be protected with cushion like this one below. The wooden poles helps making the bed look fun and cheerful.

Comfortable and Sweet
This one shows a whole nursery and gives a comforting and calming ambiance with its white wall and its animal decoration. The floor is completed with floor bed, bean bag and pink round toy box that brings even more comfortable look on the floor.

Neutral Grey
This nursery brings a neutral look that can work for both girls and boys. The neutral grey and the unisex accessories makes it easy for those who loves to wait for the sex of the baby. This one also gives pretty setting for a nap.

In the Corner
Putting the bed or cushion in the corner would make it a comfortable place to lay around. This one corner looks comfortable with stacked cushions and the pillows. Although simple, it is a great place to nap.

Yellow Tent
You can put additional place or an open option for napping, like this one. The yellow tent helps making the bedroom looks fun while also putting another option for the children to sleep comfortably.

Playground Inside
This corner has everything a child needs. It has playground and it has a place to nap. Although, it might be tricky to ask them to stop playing and start napping. But, it gives a familiar and comfortable ambiance for children.

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