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long hallway with white marble floor with monochrome rug, white shoes storage under yellow cushioned bench, metallic table with grey marble top, metallic framed round mirror Furnished by Anna

Hallway With Wooden Floor, White Painted Wall, White Framed Windows, Wooden Bench With Storage Box, Tall Mirror, Place To Hang Clothes
Hallway With White Cabinet With Yellow Embossed Cushion
Hallway With Wooden Floor, White Painted Wall, Coat Racks, Shelves, Tall Mirror
Long Hallway With Grey Marble Floor, White Painted Wall, Tall White Cupboard, Inbuilt Wooden Shelves, Racks
Hallway With Whote Concrete Floor, White Painted Wall, Red Slim Tall Cabinet
Hallways With White Plain Sideboard, Grey Concrete Floor, Grey Painted Wall
Hallway With Back Floor, Purple Painted Wall, Silver Bench With Storage And Black Cushion, Metallic Framed Mirror, Metallic Shelf
Long Hallway With White Marble Floor With Monochrome Rug, White Shoes Storage Under Yellow Cushioned Bench, Metallic Table With Grey Marble Top, Metallic Framed Round Mirror
Hallways With White Painted Wall, Cremme Colored Floor, Long Wooden Bench, Hanging Racks Along The Bench
Hallway With Wooden Floor, White Painted Wall, Raw Looked Wooden Bench With Shelves For Shoe, Racks, Half Opened Door

Small spaces are tricky to decorate. If you go overboard, it’ll be chaos and it will look messy and difficult to get tidied up. But, if you put too few things, the functions that you expect from the room will vanish and it will need more effort to discipline yourself to put your things in its actual place since it is not in the room. Just like the problem people have with hallway. Sometimes, since it’s narrow, there is few furniture that can go in hallway when you want to leave your things like shoes, coats, umbrella, or hat in the hallway. Well, why don’t we take a look at some ideas that not only will make your hallway come to its purpose but also a bright part of your house?

Shoe Cabinet

It is a common thing to have shoe storage in the hallways. While you can put a big one to store all of your footwear, you can have s small or medium sized ones just to store the ones you daily wear and put the other fancy ones in a separated long-time storage. And while you’re on that you can add more function than just a shoe cabinet to a bench so that when you need to take a seat wearing a difficult one, you can do it on the bench.


Natural Simplicity

If you want to put some things too, like mirror and hanging rail but you don’t want to take much of the space, you can pile them up in a space. Here in the picture, you have your storage, your mirror, hanging rail, and a small part of cushion. Oh, and while you’re at that, a pile of wooden log turns out can give the room a natural accent.


Bold Red

While you want to make your hallways clean so that it will look roomier by painting the wall white and choose white marble for the floor, you can spice things up to make the room brighter by putting furniture in bold color. It can be yellow, blue, or red, just like this one in the picture.


White Plain Cupboard

Contrary to the previous one, this picture here shows that even if the space is limited, it doesn’t mean that you can have a dark wall. If you choose to have a dark wall, you can choose something to even it out. With white plain cupboard or cabinet will make the room not too gloomy.


Hanging Racks

Another to make your already narrow hall seems roomier is by having hanging racks. With them, you don’t get to see too many planks but you still get to enjoy the functions. I f you think you need mirror and a place to hang your coat,, the mirror and the rail can also be hanged. And who said you need a long bench?


Metallic Treats

It has been a trend in interior design in 2018 to have a metallic accent in your furniture. Well, if you want to be bolder, you can put metallic bench/cabinet, mirror and hanging rack in your hallway with dark colored atmosphere so that it will shine among.


Cheerful Yellow

One can put the basic need in hallway and the other can also decorate it to the fullest. In this picture, it can be seen that the designer has gone all out to put the basic and to make the hallway as important as the other part of the house. Yellow cushioned high back bench really dominates the attention but it is more than that. The pillows give the vibe as cheerful and warm welcome to anyone who has just come inside.


Most Airy

If you concern about clutter, you will love this look. With built-in cupboard, you can keep everything from shoes to umbrella inside the cupboard and it will always look clean. The built-in shelves are so pretty to give natural and beautiful touch to the hallway. And you can put your keys there too. The rail is as simple as it can be yet comes to the fullest function.


Warm and Comfortable

Who would have thought that a hallway can or should be warm and comfortable? But, one look in this picture, you can see how wooden floor and the simple wooden bench actually bring out the warmth, not to mention the half open door that indicates openness and welcome to a new guest.


Long Bench

While the previous one gives off comfort atmosphere, this one gives romantic feeling with the wooden bench that looks like it’s been taken from under a lamp in a park. You might not mind to bring your coat or umbrella in to save it in another place as long as you this beauty welcome you home.

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