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living room, concrete floor, wooden sofa, white cushion, white patterned rug Urabn Outfitters

Living Room, Concrete Floor, Wooden Sofa, White Cushion, White Patterned Rug
Entrance, Wooden Bench, Grey Cushion, Grey Minimalist Floor
Wooden Bench, Grey Cushion, Wooden Coffee Table, Wooden Floor, White Wall
Thin Wooden Sofa Bench, Dark Grey Cushion, Grey Wall, Grey Floor
Entrance, Wooden Bench, White Cushion, Green Cushion
Wooden Thin Corner Bench With Green Cushion, White Floor, Grey Rug, Wooden Coffee Table, Wooden Wall, White Curtain
Wooden Corner Sofa With White Cushion, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug
Entrance, Concrete Floor, Wooden Chair, Grey Cushion, White Wall, Plants Pot
Living Room, Wooden Sofa With Cushion, Pillows, Wooden Coffee Table, White Wall, Rattan Rug, Floating Shelves
Wooden Bench, Grey Cushion, Red Yellow Pillows, Grey Floor, Orange Rug, White Exposed Wall

In the living room, you would want to have everything comfortable and meet your preference. You would love to have your friends and family gather around in the living room. And that is why you would want your living room look inviting and comfortable. No matter what style you like, there will always be ways to make it comfortable, including the natural minimalist style. These ones here shows how natural wooden sofas brings out inviting ambiance with the cushion and pillows that complete it. Here below are some beautiful wooden sofas that you would love.

Wooden Set
This living room has a simple and minimalist look with its natural wooden bench and coffee table. The dark look matches the neutral ambiance while also putting a strong accent. The cushion on the bench make the room feels really comfortable.

Simple Entrance
Wooden sofa looks incredibly great in the entryway too, as seen in this one. The simple and minimalist wooden sofa blends perfectly with the minimalist background. With the sleek and lean lines in the design the space looks seriously minimalist.

Drinking Tea
This wooden bench looks so simple yet incredible. It can be placed in any place and it can be adjusted to what you need. With two cushions, you would be able to have wooden table at the end, or even in the middle, depend on your preference.

Minimalist Bench
Similar to the previous one, this one looks really smooth with lean and clean lines on the design. This one here even looks simpler than the previous one with just one cushion. Placed in the entrance, this one would be a simple welcome.

Comfortable Bench
If you have a long alley where you can put a seating, you would love to add this one. The simple wooden bench is added by a comfortable cushion and some pillows that makes it warmer, along with the orange rug and exposed wall.

Minimalist Sofa
If you have a minimalist living room, this one here would be the perfect seat to decorate the room. With simple corner wood platform with grey cushion, this can be placed with any background in the room.

Thin Wooden Bench
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts a thin wooden bench that looks light and easy on the space combined with dark grey cushion that looks so comfortable.

Fresh Green
This one is another wooden sofa that uses thin and light look. However, this bench here makes a really comfortable and fluffy looking by using green cushion on top. With cushion for the back in matching color, this bench looks really inviting.

Simple yet Sturdy
Another pretty wooden sofa is seen below. The sturdy looking wooden platform makes it a strong center with natural beauty. Completed with wooden coffee table, the living room feels amazing. With more wooden space at the end of the bench, you have more table.

Light Bench
Similar to the previous one, this one also allows you to have some wooden table at the end of the bench. This would help you get a simple setting as you can omit the coffee table.

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