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dining set, wooden table, wooden bench, rattan chairs, patterned floor, white wall Three Birds

Dining Set, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Chairs, Rattan Woven Seat, Wooden Bench With Leather Woven Seat
Dining Set, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, Wooden Ovale Table, Brown Chairs With Colorful Zigzag Lines, Grey Rug, Grey Pendants, Wooden Cabinet
Dining Set, Wooden Table, Wooden Rattan Chairs, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Patterned Rug
Dining Set, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Table, Wooden Bench, Wooden Chairs With Brown Leather, White Pendant
Dining Set, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Rattan Chairs, White Round Table, White Brown Pendants
Dining Set, Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, Golden And White Iron Chair, White Wall, White Pendant, White Kitchen Cabinet
Dining Set, Wooden Table, Iron Chairs With Rattan Back, Wooden Floor, Patterned Rug, White Wall, Pendants
Dining Set, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Chairs, Round Wooden Table, White Fringed Chandelier
Dining Set, Wooden Table, Wooden Bench, Rattan Chairs, Patterned Floor, White Wall
Dining Set, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Chairs, Wooden Round Table, White Pendants

As people like to gather around with their family and friends, creating warm and comfortable dining room is important. One of the looks that can give warm look easily is natural look. With natural material and neutral color, getting warm look is not difficult. Here below is a compilation that would give you some inspirations to get beautiful natural dining set that you would find enjoyable.

Little Bit of Rattan
This dining set brings in a natural look with some twist in metal look on the chair. However, the wooden table and rattan back on the chair makes the set looks warm and interesting. The wooden floor and patterned rug gives a nice finish.

Simple Wood
This one here puts simple wooden dining set and makes a pretty sights in the simple space. The white and brown set looks so minimalist yet still warm. The white pendants on the ceiling makes a modern touch and not-simple twist.

Colorful Lines
This wooden dining set makes an interesting look with fun colorful lines on the back and warm and neutral color on the cabinet, seat, table, pendants and rug.

Neutral White
This natural dining set has an interesting neutral look with white wall and white rattan chairs. The matching round table and pendants give an easy and nice look to everything in the room.

Neutral Weave
This dining room makes a natural and neutral ambiance easily with white wall and natural wooden table and chairs. With rattan weaves on the back, the dining room has an interesting and pretty look that resonates in the room.

Warm Traditional
This warm dining set looks amazing with the rattan back and seat. The brown leather cushion completes the look really well as well as the patterned rug. The simple pendant makes a nice balance to the warm and strong dining area below.

Neutral Combination
Combining white and wooden material is what people like to do. The wooden table and floor makes a warm ambiance and makes the white wooden wall, ceiling and cabinet look so pronounced.

Wooden Bench
The popular combination in the dining room is table and chairs. If you want to make some simple twist, you can do it with a bench, like this one. Adding simple wooden bench that match the floor and table makes it belongs to the set easily.

Fresh Natural
This natural look makes an interesting and pretty setting. The wooden chairs are completed with rattan seat and the wooden bench is completed with leather seat. This seats are completed with wooden table with white marble top that looks perfectly beautiful.

White Lines
This dining space in the patio is really interesting and it is the kind that makes you exciting just looking at it. The wooden set is decorated with simple white lines that makes a nice blend to the wall and cushions. The rattan chairs gives a nice and pretty ambiance to the area.

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