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dining room, wooden floor, wooden table, rattan chairs, rattan pendant, white wall, red rug Down the Rabbit Hole Wines

Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, Rattan Chairs, Rattan Pendant, White Wall, Red Rug
Dining Room, Brown Floor Tiles, White Wall, Wooden Dining Table, Rattan Chair, Rattan Pendant
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Rattan Rug, White Plank Wall, Wooden Table, Black Modern Chairs, Clear Bulb Pendant
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Wooden Table, Wooden Chairs, Rattan Pendant
Dining Room, Block Wood Table And Bench, Rattan Chair, Clear Bulbs Pendants, White Bottom Cabinet
Dining Room, Wooden Table, Rattan Chairs, Brown Floor Tiles, Black Round Rug, Rattan Pendant
Dining Room, Reg Rug, Wooden Table, Wooden Chairs, White Wall, White Built In Bench, Colorful Pillows, Rattan Pendants
Dining Room, Wooden Table, Wooden Metal Golden Chairs, Crystal Chandelier
Dining Room, Wooden Round Table, Wooden Rattan Chairs, Patterned Floor Tiles, White Kitchen
Dining Room, Grey Floor Tiles, Black Metal Table And Bench With Wooden Top, Black Chairs, Grey Rug

Having natural and minimalist kitchen would make the kitchen feels refreshing and minimalist. It will make the cooking experience feels great and amazing. And to match the natural look in the kitchen, natural material in the dining room would be a great thing to look at. These below are ten amazing natural dining sets that would help set the mood in the dining room to a warm and comfortable place to have your meal and conversation.

Wood and White
This wooden dining set is simple and pretty. Accompanied by rattan chairs, the dining set is gorgeous. The rattan pendant, brown floor tiles, and wooden door complement the set perfectly well. With white wall, the wooden material looks pronounced.

Rattan Accent
This one here shows a simple combination of patterns and textures. It is seen from the wooden table and the rattan chairs and pendant. The red rug makes the set looks prominent and warmer.

Solid Wood
If you love to combine wood with another color and you want it to look strong, you would love black. This one here combines black chairs and the black on the legs of table and bench with the wooden top. The black pendant over the table with its golden inside complements the look perfectly.

Near the Window
This one here shows a pretty dining set near the window. The built-in bench on the wall brings a comfortable look. The windows bring in bright light and the wooden dining set looks like an amazing place to have meal together.

Balanced Dining Room
This dark wooden table and floor complements each other and has been a great balance to the white wooden plank wall. The black chairs also strengthen the dark look on the bottom part of the room.

Block of Wood
This white open kitchen looks so interesting with brown natural dining set on the side. The sturdy wooden table and bench, with all the corners, leave a strong impression. Combined with rattan chairs, the set becomes less strong and more fun.

Rattan Touches
For a minimalist kitchen and dining room, something woody like this one is perfect for the room. The simple design on the table top is an amazing bridge to the white wall and rattan chairs.

Lanky and Comfortable
This one here puts wooden set to an art with white wooden tables and polished curve chairs together. The thin lines and the polished finish make the set looks light yet still comfortable.

Small Warmth
This wooden dining set is perfect for those with limited space. The light colored and polished wood combined with tidy rattan is perfect for the minimalist look too. It can be seen from how perfect it is for the white minimalist kitchen.

With Golden Lines
This dark dining set looks luxurious and elegant. The wooden table is simple while the chairs are with golden lines. This combination is great. And the crystal finish on pendant is amazing too.

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