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Entrance, Grey Seamless Floor, White Wall, Wooden Bench, Rattan Bags
Entrance, Wooden Table, Wooden Floor, Rattan Wall Decorations, White Table Lamp
Entrance, Wooden Floor, Wooden Grid, Floating Bench, White Cabinet
Entrance, Patterned Floor, Grey Wall, Wooden Grid, Black Pendant, Wooden Cabinet
Entrance, Wooden Floor, Wooden Grid Wall, Wooden Shelvs, Black Bench, Mirror Cabinet
Entrance, Wooden Rattan Bench, Rattan Baskets, Rattan Hooks, Rattan Mirror, Wooden Floor
Entrance, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Stool, Wooden Hooks, Black Round Tray Table
Entrance, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Floating Shelves, Mirror, Glass Pendnat
Entrance, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Bench, Wooden Rod And Hooks
Entrance, Marble Floor, White Exposed Wall, Shelves Nook, White Marble Floating Cabinet, Glass Sconce

Entrance is the first thing people would start to see your house. It is the first thing to impress and to tell them who you are. And there are so many ways to tell people who you are. However, if you are a minimalist and naturalist, and you have tried to always that in the entire house, you light want to start putting it in the front line too. Here below are some Inspirations you can start with if you try to decorate your entrance with less to pronounce more.

Inside the Nook
This entrance makes a really pretty look by creating pretty dimension. The nook is framed with wooden boards and decorated with white marble floating cabinet. This has beautified the room entrance greatly though in minimalist style.

Rattanized Entrance
This beautiful entrance makes it strong with rattan accents. In this simple entrance, the small space is prettified with wooden rattan bench and many other rattan decorations. With white background the combination fits perfectly.

Park Bench
If you love something simple yet something that would remind you of a sweet and fun symbol, you would love to have a light wooden bench for the entrance, like this one below. The smooth wooden bench only have beautifully and simply decorated the entrance.

Small Stool
If you think it is impossible to have only stool to welcome your guest, this one here has proven you wrong. With similar simple addition, it completes the entrance with round black tray table with a plant and place to hang your coat and hats.

Floating Shelves
If you love a really simple setting, this one here would give you what you want. With only a wooden board as floating shelf and large mirror, the entrance has been able to welcome the guests in a really fresh manner.

Wooden Accent
This pretty and small space creates a nice entrance with simple touches. The entrance is given a simple wooden bench while it hangs natural looking wooden rods for hanging your coats, bags, and hats. the patterned rug gives a sweet touch here, along with the rattan plant pot.

Wood and Rattan
This beautiful setting would be a perfect setting for those who love natural look so much. The wooden cabinet is matched with rattan baskets and wall accessories that it creates a strong natural ambiance. You would be able to have a strong impression even from the entrance.

Wooden Grid
This entrance create an interesting and simple space with its wooden grid inside the nook and simple bench and shelves. The mirror door on the side cabinet makes the space looks small and brighter.

Bench on the Cabinet
This is another simple entrance that has it all. With its wooden cabinet, it has tidy and smooth storage while also offering bench on top of it. The wooden accent on the wall gives wooden hooks to hang your things. And all this is completed with patterned floor and black accent wall.

Grids and Hooks
Similar to the previous ones, this one also puts wooden grid to create an interesting accent on the wall while also aligning it with hooks. With floating wooden bench and cushion, this has made a simple and easy entrance.

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