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study, grey floor, dark grey wall, wooden table with shelves West Elm

Study, Wooden Table, Wooden Chairs, White Wall, Wooden Bookshelves
Study, Wooden Table, Blue Chair, Grey Floor, White Wall
Study, Floating Shelves With Board Table, White Modern Chair
Study, Grey Seamless Floor And Wall, Wooden Table, Black Chair
Study, Wooden Floor, Green Wall, Dark Wooden Table, Floating Shelves, Office Chair, Rattan Pendant
Study, Wooden Table With White Legs, Green Velvety Chair, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Mirror
Study, Grey Floor, Dark Grey Wall, Wooden Table With Shelves
Study, Grey Wall, Wooden Table With Door, Black Chair
Study, Floating Wooden Shelves And Table, Black Chair, White Wall
Study, White Wooden Floor, Pink Wall, Wooden Table, Black Chair With Rattan Seat

Getting simple study at home might be the tricky. You might want something comfortable but would still make you get on with your study or work. If you want to have something comfortable and warm, you would love natural touches. And combining natural touches with your study would be a perfect choice. This one below is a compilation of wooden home offices that you might get some inspirations.

Modern Wooden Table
Wooden table is a basic study table but this one here puts it beautifully with blue chair companion. The combination of wooden table and blue chair makes a casual yet pretty look with open and easy setting.

Small and Simple
Putting your home office in the bedroom would need some extra space. However, if you cannot do it, you would need to opt for a small and simple study table, like this one here. The minimalist design looks so easy in the bedroom.

Oldish Table
If you are looking for the more traditional one, you might love this one here. It is simple and small but it also has the traditional look in it along with the chair with pretty details.

Darker Look
This one is another small and simple study table that you would just love. The dark wooden study table brings out a classic look but with lean design. The matching office chair strengthens the dark classic ambiance in this study.

Floating Wood
If you wish to have something even simpler, you would love this one. This floating shelves and desk has thin and simple design that gives a pronounced accent in the room. The black chair also puts out a strong touch to the neutral setting.

Rattan Box
This combination of rattan wooden looks so pretty in the study desk box with movable lid for desk. The rattan accent gives fun and more airy feeling to it. It is a perfect study table for those who decorate with minimalist theme.

Fresh Set
Working in a fresh setting would give you a comfortable ambiance as well as a fun time. Your work will not be too monotonous. and this one here have created the right simplicity with fresh touch. The light colored wooden shelves complete the simple wooden table and chairs perfectly well.

Small Floating Boards
Similar to the floating one before, this one also set an easy look with floating boards. The boards are set for shelves and desk that gives modern and light look with modern chair to complete it.

Wooden Squares
This wooden study table makes a simple square shape above and below the table top. It will be a great place to store and keep your materials tidy and in check.

Wooden Combination
This one is another pretty combination in wooden study table. This one combines it with wooden shelves and put the set against grey wall that it all looks pronounced while also keep the neutral color.

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