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wooden chair with bamboo, grey cushion, wooden round coffee table, ba,boo covered pendant Pinterest

Bamboo And Rattan Material In Sofa With White Cuhion, Chair, Round Coffee Table, Rug, White Big Umbrella
Corner Room, White Floor, Wooden Side Table, Rattan Lounge Chair With White Cushions, Rattan Rug, Rattan Pendant
Outdoor Dining Area, Wooden Dining Set, Rattan Covered Pendants
Living Room, White Floor, Rattan Rug, Wooden Rocking Chair, White Square Ottoman, Rattan Covered Pendant
Wooden Chair With Bamboo, Grey Cushion, Wooden Round Coffee Table, Ba,boo Covered Pendant
Outdoor, White Wooden Floor, Rug, Wooden Table, White Chairs, Wooden Gazebo, Ceiling Fan
White Wooden Floor, Rattan Rug, Wooden Side Table, Basket, Rattan Swing Chair
White Wooden Floor, Rug, Pillow, Rattan Swing,
White Living Room, Rattan Rug, Wooden Lattice Round Table With Glass Top, White Sofa, White Wall, White Chairs, White Pillows
Living Room White Floor, Rug, White Sofa, White Round Side Table, White Wall, Pillows, Rattan Covered Pendant, Curvy Wooden Chair

Natural ambiance can be really beautiful and look so warm that it’s is easy to want to have natural look in your home. Putting rustic and natural look that also still has modern vibe can be challenging but an approachable idea. Here are some furniture made from natural material that looks terrific to put both outdoor and indoor.


Natural Package

In this one, it is seen how natural brown furniture in the chair, sofa and table look so amazing together. With white background along with plants and great light, it looks soft in color but strong in character. To put these outside would make your outdoor stunning.


Rough Look

Putting some rough look furniture without making the room itself look rough is not easy. However, this room can do it perfectly well with its wood and bamboo chair, wooden round coffee table, glass coffee table with wood slabs under, and branches covered pendant that looks alluring.


White and Wood

White and wood always look good together that it’s never wrong to combine those two. This one here uses that to creating a modern and natural living room with its rattan rug and wooden rocking chair in all white surrounding.


Interesting Curve

Adding natural touch to a white canvas of living room always change the whole game. In this white living room, a unique curvy chair is added along with rattan covered pendants and the whole room looks warmer.


Interesting Tables

White room might need a different touch to make the room less stark and much more fun. In this picture, combined with wooden material this white room look warmer and fun especially of the interesting coffee tables.


Cozy Lounge Chair

Creating a cozy corner to read and drinking tea and coffee is easy to be done when you have this rattan lounge chair with fluffy white cushion. The wooden side table is a great completion to the look, to put off your book and cup.


Outdoor Dining

Creating a comfortable outdoor dining area will not be difficult with wooden dining table set. Even the smallest can give you warmth and familiar feeling, like this one. The rattan cover pendants are really beautiful sight, especially when it’s turned on.


Saung Gazebo

It is an interesting sight to see a saung (a gazebo commonly seen in rice fields in Indonesia) made from wood in your backyard. It definitely brings fresh beach ambiance to the backyard, especially with all wooden furniture all in either white or brown.


Natural Swing Chair

Having a swing in the backyard can make anyone feels like a child again. This one here not only brings out childish inner feeling but also beautiful natural ambiance among the white background.


Natural Bed Swing

Similar to the previous one, this one also brings beautiful natural ambiance to the backyard. And, it also brings the comfort of bed swing. Having able to take a nap here or simply having conversation with your loved ones while relaxing would be a dream.

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