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bedroom, white wooden floor, white wall, palm plants, wooden bed platform, glass window House Beautiful

Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Green Exposed Wall, Wooden Headboard, Wooden Side Table, Wooden Bed Platform
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Black Wall, Wooden Headboard, Rattan Mat
Bedroom, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, Palm Plants, Wooden Bed Platform, Glass Window
Bedroom, Green Accent Wall, Pendant, Wooden Headboard, Green Bedding, Rattan Chairs With Green Cushion
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Light Green Wall, Bed Without Platform, White Chair, White Rug
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Black Accent Wall, White Wall, Wooden Table, Wooden Side Table, Pendants, White Bedding
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Black Wall, Black Bedding, Wooden Bed Platform, Rattan Swing
Bedding, Grey Seamless Floor, White Rug, Green Bedding, Wooden Bench, Dark Grey Wall, Black Pendant, Glass Window
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Soft Green Bedding, Mirror, Shelves
Bedroom, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, Green Bedding, Wooden Bench, Wooden Crate

Bedrooms can be really complex in putting the comfort and warmth. But with simplest setting, bedrooms can be really comfortable and warm. It is not only the simplicity in the setting but also in the eye. If you love going simple in arranging the room as well as going minimalist, you will love the bedrooms below. Not only these are minimalist but these are also fresh and natural. As natural and minimalist look is one of the easiest combinations to create, this effortless look will be a comfort in the bedroom.

Bohemian Green
As natural looks can be presented in green color, it is so easy to create natural ambiance in the room with green, as seen in this one. The green accent wall support the natural look seen in the wooden headboard and chairs. The bohemian accessories brings more details and textures in the room.

Black Wall
This minimalist bedroom brings out comfort by the plush-look of the bed. Besides the comfort, this room also puts fun accent to the room. The black accent wall can be used for writing message and writing notes.

Dark Minimalist
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses dark wall to support the minimalist look. The black wall in this bedroom makes the natural accents in the bedroom looks pronounced and more dramatic.

Minimalist Green
Although color is not the strong trait minimalist has, it doesn’t mean that color will make it bad. This one here puts soft green color on the wall and creates cold ambiance. With bed on the floor and light wooden floor, this bedroom puts up minimalist look easily.

Green Green on the Bedroom
Similar to the previous one, this one here is also decorated in green, with blue wall. And this combination looks soft and fresh especially with the plants on the floor and shelves.

Black Natural
Natural room usually goes with white. It is because white is easy to combine with natural look. It can be seen from the bedroom below. The black wall makes a deep and strong ambiance. With rattan swing and plants, the room is balanced to more lively look.

Dark Green
Similar to the previous one, this one also surrounds the space in dark ambiance. With green exposed accent wall, this room has interesting texture and making it more interesting. The minimalist look is richer with details.

Tropical Minimalist
Although tropical always feels vibrant, some minimalist look can be combined with tropical accent. This one here puts tropical accents with plants and the leaves on the bedding print. This makes the room more alive and fresh. The glass windows strengthen the fun in this bedroom.

Dark Setting
This one here is another bedroom that looks beautiful with black accent. The minimalist setting of the room is also a strong game in this bedroom with bed on the floor and wooden bench at the foot of the bed.

Upon the Wooden Platform
This bedroom pulls out the natural and minimalist accent at once with the wooden platform and bench. The position of the bed on the floor also brings out more airy and larger ambiance.

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