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nursery, wooden floor, grey rug, white wall, wooden shelves, pink curtain, rattan crib, rattan box TYChome

Nursery, Brown Floor, White Wall, Rattan Side Table, Rattan Pot, Rattan Toys, Wooden Hooks
Nursery, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Wall, Rattan Crib, Ratan Toys, Pink Wooden Cabinet, Patterned Rug
Nursery, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Rattan Cabinet, Rattan Shelves, Rattan Crib, Rattan Toys
Nursery, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, White Wall, Wooden Shelves, Pink Curtain, Rattan Crib, Rattan Box
Nursery, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, White Sink, Woodne Hooks, Wooden Chair, Wooden Swing
Nursery, Grey Floor, Brown Patterned Rug, Brown Tent, Wooden Shelves
Nursery, Grey Floor, White Wall, Blue Wall, Wooden Crib, Rattan Rocking Toys, White Chair, Green Curtain
Nursery, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Toys, Rattan Crib
Nursery, Wooden Cabinet, White Crib, Wooden Boxes, Olive Green Curtain, Wooden Hanging Rods, Rattan Box
White Rug, White Curtain, Rattan Crib, Brown Chair, Wooden Toys, Rattan Toys, Rattan Plants Pot

When you are expecting a baby, not everything can become exciting. However, decorating a nursery is always exciting, especially because you have passed all the most painful experiences before hand. Well, if you’re looking for some ideas, natural look actually sounds wonderful. As the concern of climate change rises, people’s awareness on eco-friendly life style has also raised. Not only on how they consume foods and clothes but also how people decorate the house. If you are also those who care about what you put in the house, this compilation is for you.

Light Wooden Set
This nursery puts up with light look seen on the wall, floor and on the furniture. The white crib and light wooden cabinet looks perfect in this environment. With neutral earthy color decoration, the nursery feels warm and amazing.

Brown Earth
Putting fun is essential in a nursery. When your baby start to walk, they would love to explore everything. And with fun look, their exploration can become joyful experience for them. This one puts a simple wooden shelves and matching brown tent that will help their imagination fulfilled.

Natural Toys
Toys are something that you cannot take from kids. However, sometimes, it can be massive trash. Trashes that cannot be decomposed. Well, if you concern with that, this one below puts a great idea on how you can make a fun playing time with as much as natural material.

Warm Corner
This corner of the nursery makes a warm setting with rattan side table and toys. The rocking horses and the rattan stroller is exactly what kids like to play. And, having some plants can refresh the room.

White Cabinet
Wooden look is perfect when it is combined with white, just like anything combined with white. This one below makes a pretty setting with white cabinet, white sink and little stove for play.

Green Accent
It is hard to determine which one is the accent: the green color or the natural accent. Nevertheless, the combination of these two make a nice and easy look, as easy as looking at a tree.

Natural Play Room
This play room puts up a great natural force. The wooden toys are just perfect in this white and wood setting. The wooden baby chair and shelves are great completion to this natural nursery.

Simply Warm
If you’re looking for a simple nursery, this below can give you some inspirations. The rattan crib and toys blend well with brown chair, wooden toy and white floor.

In the Corner
This is another simple nursery setting that you might love. The small rattan crib is set in the corner while the furniture is set in wooden and rattan material. A nice rattan rocking horse is added and make the room feel cheerful.

Soft and Sweet
This nursery combines a pretty crib area, with curtain, with light and natural setting. This is a perfect choice for you who love sweet natural look.

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