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patio, wooden floor, wooden bench, stone wall, white cushion Homemate

Patio, White Stones, White Wall, Black Wooden Sofa, Rattan Rug, Black Pendants, Rattan Ceiling
Patio, Black Wooden Stage, White Cushion, White Wooden Wall, Rattan Pendant, Wooden Table, Rattan Plants Pot
Patio, White Patterned Rug, White Patterned Ottoman, Black Rattan Bench, Black Iron Framed Side Table
Patio, Grey Floor Tiles, White Wooden Grid, Rattan Ceiling, Rattan Pendant, Wooden Bench, Rattan Ottoman
Patio, Wooden Floor, Wooden Bench, Stone Wall, White Cushion
Patio, Grey Floor, Wooden Wall, Silver Round Coffee Table, Rattan Sofa
Patio, White Floor, White Wall, Wooden Ceiling, Wooden Long Table, Wooden Bench, Rattan Chair, Rattan Pendants
Patio, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Woodden Roof, Wooden Benches, Pillows, Rattan Pendant, Rattan Coffee Table
Patio, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Floor, White Rattan Rug, Rattan Wooden Ceiling, Wooden Bench, White Cushion, White Wooden Chair, White Swing
Patio, Stones, White Modern Table, White Modern Chairs, Black Maroco Pendant, Blue Plants Pots, Rattan Ceiling, Plants Above

Decorating patio is always fun. It is like trying to enlivening the warmth, comfort, and cheerful ambiance you get from the living room and summer. With fresh breeze and bright light over the bright days, you would be able to get serene and calming light days in your patio. Or you can invite your friends and family over to have barbecue or dinner. If you love this natural and warm feeling, you would love he patios below decorated. This is the place to get some

White Grid
This patio is decorated really freshly. It will remind you of a breezy and bright summer near the sea. The white wooden grid makes a really beautiful background to the natural wooden sofa with white cushion and rattan ottoman and pendant.

Bright White
Similar to the previous one, this one will also remind you of the bright and fresh beach in the summer. The white wooden ceiling, accent wall, and floor brings out natural to the space beautifully. The wooden chair, bench, side table and woven swing strengthens the notion even more while the plants around bring some color to it.

On the Wooden Floor
If you love a more unique look, you might love this one: a small gazebo with low stage. It is so exotic and fresh. With the black wooden floor and white wall, the gazebo has natural and easy combination. Added with white cushion and wooden table, it is a comfortable place to lying around and have everyone has fun conversation.

Bohemian Patterns
Pulling out a natural look is always amazing, but if you think you need some details in pattern, you would love bohemian pattern as it can be merry and natural at the same time. While it often has bright colors, you can also put on monotone ones like this one below.

Warm and Fresh
While the previous one has white and bright complexion, this one here goes on warmer and calming ambiance with its wooden grids and plants on the roof. Without floor, only stones, the space looks amazing especially with white table and chairs that give a nice contrast.

Simple Patio
This patio is a really simple sight. The white patio looks so beautiful and amazing with white wall, light wooden floor, and white wooden roof. The patio itself has just been given simple wooden bench with pillows and rattan accessories and pendant. But, this simple and natural look is so pretty.

In the Corner
Creating a nice and comfortable patio in the corner of your backyard like this is warming. The wooden fence brings out a warm look that is matched with the natural accessories, plants, and sofa.

Dining Out
While you can hanging out in the patio, you can also putting a nice dining set for a fun dining with your family and friends. This one puts a simple wooden table and bench and decorate the space with rattan pendants and chair.

Easy Sofa Bench
This is an easy setting. Under the rattan ceiling, the black wooden sofa bench decorates the space with traditional and simple look. Completed with black lamp on both sides and cushion on the sofa, it can be a nice place to talk romantically.

Along the Stone Wall
This pretty patio is decorated by stone wall that along with the wooden bench and floor has created rustic look. The white cushion brings comfort and soft look in this spot.

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