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bathroom, creamy pink floor, white wall tiles, marroon wall shelves, black vanity, glass partition Behance

Bathroom, Grey Marble Floor, Grey Marble Wall, Silver Floating Sink, Copper Floating Shelves, White Tub
Bathroom, Grey Floor Tiles, Grey Wall Tiles, Grey Floating Vanity, Wooden Floating Vanity, White Sink, Indented Shelves With Wooden Cover
Bathroom, Grey Floor, Wooden Paneled Wall, White Floating Cabinet, Wooden Counter Top, White Sinks, Wooden Stools, White Floating Toilet, Rattan Mat, Grey Wall, Pendants
Bathroom, Cream Floor, Cream Wall, Grey Floating Vanity With Shelves, Mirror, Glass Partition
Bathroom, Brown Marble Floor, Cream Wall, Brown Marble Wall And Sink, White Toilet
Bathroom, White Marble Wall, White Tub, White Floating Vanity, White Sink, Mirror, Golden Shelves, Indented Wall, White Pendant
Bathroom, Grey Marble On The Floor, White Marble On The Wall, Floating Grey Toilet, Floating Grey Sink
Bathroom, Grey Floor, White Cabinet, White Vanity Cabinet, Grey Counter Top, White Sink, Toilet
Bathroom Vanity, Cream Floor Tiles, Neutral Cream Cabinet, Black Metal Shelves, Miror With LED Lights
Bathroom, Creamy Pink Floor, White Wall Tiles, Marroon Wall Shelves, Black Vanity, Glass Partition

As bathroom is a place to take some breath from the long day at the office or from a suffocating party, it should be comfortable and calming. Having bathroom decorated in a calming look will make anyone feel amazing just to enter the space. Neutral or natural look are the easiest to reach the calming effect you want in the bathroom. It is because it has no too vibrant and add no crowded feelings to the room. You can look at these neutral bathrooms and see for yourself how calming it can be.

Neutral in Natural
This bathroom looks amazing with its neutral color palette that is supported with natural material on the wall, cabinet, and accessories. This is combined with white and grey palette that blends together perfectly.

Minimal Luxurious
This neutral palette is presented by luxurious bathroom with smooth and elegant accent. The glossy sink and shelves puts a really strong minimalist and elegant look while the marble supports the graceful ambiance.

Calming White
This bathroom allows you to have calm and refreshing time in the white marble wall and floor. The LED lights on the wall make the room and wall look elegant and interesting. The neutral palette brings calm and serenity.

Modern Neutrality
This one here puts modern look with minimalist details in neutral palette and make the room looks amazing. The grey floor and the light wall create a perfect blend. and the thin long pendants bring the minimalism on point.

Neutral Vanity
This pretty and minimalist vanity loos so brilliant with the soft color palette that is illuminated by the thin lines of LED lights. The black metal shelves brings out even more minimalist ambiance to it.

Neutral Grey
Having grey color makes it so easy to mix and match. This one here, however, stays strong on making neutral grey as the color palette of the room. Combined with wooden material, the room is well combined.

Light and Modern
This one here puts neutral color palette in supporting the minimalist and modern decoration in the bathroom. the floating vanity with the unique shelves bring out simplicity and lean lines to the space.

Luxurious Marble
If you love luxurious touches, you would love marble. This natural material works the best in enhancing luxury. Choosing the neutral color palette make it soft and calming in elegance. And combined together in this pretty setting has made it a perfect beauty.

Pretty Cream
This creamy colored bathroom is the perfect example of calm and serene bathroom, even only seen from the vanity alone. The brown marble on the floor, wall, vanity and sink is really gorgeous and looking rich.

Geometrical Details
This surprisingly calming bathroom offers an interesting combination of geometrical details and neutral color palette. The curve on the door, the rectangular wall tiles, the lines on the vanity makes it strong but the the soft and neutral color make it soft at the same time.

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