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home office with vaulted ceiling, green wall, grey flooring, green couch, white wall mounted wooden shelves, white wooden cabinet, white table with glass top, brown chair Houzz

Having a home office room is really comfortable especially for you who work from home or often times have to bring back your work to home. When you want this space, you will want this as comfortable as it can but not too comfortable that you find yourself too relaxed and end up not doing your work. Thus, you should remember to balance the comfort and the seriousness of a room. Below are some ideas in getting the home office you can scrape.

White Home Office

If you have a whole room for your home office, you are so lucky you can manage to put all your work in one room. Besides all shelves and cabinet you can comfortable put inside, you can bring any accessories and not worrying it will look too heavy.

Red Blue Accent

When you have a whole room but you still want to keep it simple by having white mostly, you can add red and blue accent on the furniture so it won’t look so pale. You can also add paintings on the room.

Green Kind of a Room

In this room, the surface is in green while the furniture is mostly is in white that it looks in balance between crisp white and more comfortable green.

Corner Home Office

If you don’t have a room for your home office, you can still manage to have a comfortable home office in a small space like this. The wall in front of the chair is the same wood in the floor while the other two are in white paint.

Pretty Little White

With neutral painted wall, like white, you will brighten the space. However, to make the space less formal, you can bring plants or globe like this one so that the space gives the feeling of private space.

Serious Corner

This is another corner home office that, although it’s small, has everything required from a home office, shelves, cabinet, and space for computer. To make this serious corner less serious, you can put some mini sculpture or paintings. You can also bring plants.

Touch of Green

Similar to the previous home office with its white furniture, this one gives touch of green in the plants, a jar of fruits, curtain, and cushion in window sitting area, rug, and couch to make it fresher.

Golden Branch

This one is really comfortable but still a great place to work. With mostly white furniture, the yellow and green color of the chair and ottoman clearly brings life. And the golden branch is really cool too.

Under the Curtain

While you might want to show you have a home office, you might also want to hide it so that the room filled with office area will not get too serious sometimes. By putting a curtain track, you get yourself a good deal.

Animal Touch

This particular home office will look really formal with its beige cream color of flooring, wall, and table that looks like from the same material. With the cow skin pattern rug, it’s all different.

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