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dark brown leather faux one and a half chair with ottoman

One and a half chair is probably rather blunt name for this comfortable chair. You may think it deserve a better name. Although, if you come to think of it, it actually rather cute in an honest way to tell you what it is all about without a really fancy name.  And despite it is being blunt, it actually eases everyone to know what and how it shapes because it is a chair which is not only for one person to sit upright but also to sit with your legs pull up. Even better, you can almost lying in the chair. And with the help of some cushions, you can comfortably sleep on the chair. It is that comfortable.

It is a chair that promises comfort so that it usually comes with soft and tender material. It enables you to sit laid back and also enables you to cuddle with the chair itself. It will be really comfortable to sit there with your book in hand or with your favorite movie or TV shows on the screen so all you have to do is relax, enjoying the time you deserve. If you have a rough time in work, you deserve some time in this chair when you get back home. You deserve to just sit there and calm yourself. And with a glass of wine in your hand, who will blame you to love the chair?

For you who love to relax on the couch, you will definitely love one and a half chair. And why is that? It’s simply the most comfortable couch for one person but with the width almost for two people. Although, if you wish to sit with your quite skinny friend, you might be able to do it too. It depends on the width and the model of the couch as there are so many models come. You can have it on leather seat or you can also have it with much friendlier material like cotton. You can have it upright or you can also have it so laid back. You can have it in deep colored or you can have it in really fun and bold color.

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