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Bathroom, White Marble Floor, White Marble Wall, Black Glass Wall
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Gey Wall, Black Glass Partition, Floating Vanity, White Sink,
Bathroom, White Floor, White Wall, Glass Wall, White Toilet, White Sink, Wooden Floating Shelves
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Wooden Wall, Wooden Floating Sidde Table, Glass Door, Grey Pendant
Bathroom, White Floor, White Wall, Blue Wall, Shower Closed By Glass Wall, White Sink, Vanity Table
Bathroom, Grey Floor, Grey Wall, White Tub, White Floating Vanity, ,black Glass Wall
Bathroom, Grey Floor, White Wall, Glass Sliding Door
Bathroom, Wooden Shelves, White Tub, White Sink, Glass Sliding Door
Bathroom, Grey Floor, Grey Wall, Wooden Floating Vanity, White Sinks, White Tub, Wooden Sliding Wall
Bathroom, Glass Wall, Grey Curtain, Wooden Wall, White Rub, White Vanity Cabinet, White Toilet, Round Mirror

Not everyone can feel comfortable with lots of openness. It might make others feel too exposed but to some other, having an open bathroom can make them feel more relaxed. And this is no problem at all especially if you have your place for your own. Having an open bathroom can always give you relaxation knowing that you are in an open and fresh ambiance. Open bathroom does not mean a bathroom without all the partition. Sometimes it can be glass partition that close the space but it will still open. Here below is a compilation of open bathroom with glass partition.

With Curtain
As not everyone can feel comfortable with the openness, this one here completes the open bathroom with curtain. And besides that, the bathroom looks pretty with its combination of white and wooden natural touches.

Small Shower
This small shower bathroom makes a simple setting and enclosed with glass wall. And this is a perfect fit for this bedroom here as it makes the room looks not too small. To make the room more efficient, the vanity is put outside.

Sliding Cover
This is also for those who cannot just go without any cover. It is completed with wooden sliding wall. Although, the bathroom itself has glass door that will still give some peek. But, should you feel comfortable with more cover, you can slide the wooden wall.

Tinted Glass
This one here puts a beautiful touches to the bathroom. The bathroom stays open with its tinted glass wall that matches the grey wall on the other side. The white tub, toilet, and vanity makes a nice contrast to the room.

Black Tinted
Similar to the previous one, this one also has more shade to the glass that makes the bathroom looks amazing although it is still open. With the shade and tint, the bathroom is not too revealing.

Long Glass
this bathroom makes a beautiful sight, not only because of its tinted glass but also because of how it stretches long with parts of the bathroom in different side. The toilet is in line with the headboard of the bed while the shower on the other side.

Clear Glass
Similar to one of the previous, this one also puts curtain to give some shade, although from outside of the bathroom. This one here has even prettier details with white stones around the bathroom.

Apparently Sliding
This is another interesting setting to make an open bathroom. The sliding door has enough shade to call it open. This shade brings subtle details to the room.

Sliding Glass
Similar to the previous one, this one also has sliding glass door but with clearer glass. The inside of the bathroom is seen prettily, with its shelves, neutral wall and cabinet, and contrasted white tub.

Small yet Large
This small shower in the corner might look small. But, the clear glass door makes anyone inside thinks it is bigger than that.

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