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White Metal Rack, Wooden Floor, Wooden Boards, White Wall, Tall Mirror
Black Metal Rack Mounted On Ceiling, White Wall, Wooden Floor,
Black Metal Rack, Floating Shelves, Shoes Rack, Grey Rug, Grey Bench, Grey Rug, Pink Tufted Chair,
Wooden Wardrobe Rack, Board Mounted
White Metal Rack, White Shelves, White Rug, White Wall, Rattan Pot, Suitcase
White Rack Shelves, White Rug, White Bed, White Wall, Flower Accessories, Rattan Plant Pot
White Metal Rack, White Wall, White Wall Mounted Shelves
Metal Rod Rack, Wooden Board, Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Wall
Black Metal Rack, Wooden Board, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall
Golden Metal Rack, White Board, White Wall, White Floor Lamp With Golden Metal, White Black Rug

Storage can be a challenging problem, especially when it feels too crowded when you want to feel loose. One of the best solution for this is adding open closet in the room. Not only that it will add storage, it can also be the est solution for those who love to wear the same clothes over and over because the clothes are fit for the season and mood. Open closet is also a perfect solution for a warm and easy look in the bedroom. If you are in doubt while you want to add open closet in the room, here are ten stunning open closet that will remind you how chic it can be.

Simple White Rack
This one brings in a really simple rack for open closet. You can put this one in any look and it blends right away. The board below can be used to store your shoes or bags. To complete this simple rack, this one here brings in white shelves that also store the accessories to complete your outfit.

Completely Open
This one here shows how beautiful it can be when you round some racks and shelves to create your own space for open closet. The black metal rack is beautifully designed yet still simple. The same look is also seen in the shoe rack and floating shelves.

Ceiling Mounted
Wardrobe rack brings simplicity to the room. However, this one here not only brings simplicity but also unique and interesting touch. Mounted on the ceiling, this rack looks like a normal rack installed upside down. But, look how fun it can look. The board below adds more space to put accessories.

Wooden Rack
An interesting look is seen in this one as well. Also mounted above, this one shows also a warm and natural force with wooden pole. With matching hangers, this is not also a storage but also a pretty decoration.

Modern Look
Open closet can make a room a little bit crowded but with the right combination, it can look simple and modern just like this one here with grey wall and wooden floor.

Simple Touch
Similar to the previous one, this simple rack can also look stunning with modern canvas. The white wall and warm floor with white rug puts a comfortable look even though the rack is really simple.

White Shelves
For a more complex and complete look, a rack with shelves can bring more kinds of things to store. This one here puts not only clothes but also shoes, bags, or even accessories. Combined with tall mirror, this is perfect for a place to get ready.

Golden Lines
While black and white metal can look simple and make them an easy blend to any room, something metallic can bring also fun to the room. This one brings in golden accent to the room and add fun and luxury touch too.

Light White
Similar to the white ones, this one also has white light rack to store wardrobe. Added with shelves with similar design, this combination looks modern, light, and brings the space to be a beautiful corner.

Pretty Finish
Similar to the previous one, this one also brings white shelves-rack for the open closet space. However, this one adds more accessories to the wall and brings fun and beauty at once.

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