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open closet with refurbished boxes, built in rails, white cupboard with tall mirror Livabl

Open Closet In Wooden Floor, White Wall, Floating Rails On Top And Bottom, White Floating Drawers, White Floating Shelves, Mirror, Whit Boxes
Open Closet With White Wall, White Drawers Cabinet, Black Metal Rail, White Shelves
Open Closet With Beige Rug, Rails With Shoe Shelves, White Shelves
Open Closet In A Floating Box
Open Closet With Drawer, Shelves, Rails All Built In In A White Open Cupboard
Open Closet With Refurbished Boxes, Built In Rails, White Cupboard With Tall Mirror
Open Clothes, White Rails With Shelves, White Shelves On The Sloping Ceiling
Open Closet In A Small Area With Floating Rack, Floating Shelves, Floating Table, White Cabinet, Shoe Racks
Open Closet In Six Different Rails, White Cabinets In L
White Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Ceiling, White Rails, White Floating Shelves, Bulb Pendants, White Bedding, White Roudn Side Table

As minimalist life style has been really popular these days, for a good reason, minimalism in life has been so pronounced up to how people lead their life and decide their consumption. Another thing that people like to adapt is how they arrange their house. Below are some ideas on how people store clothes in minimalist life habit, in an open closet, that you might love to adapt too.

Floating Box
Even though it is in a box, the box is without doors. And not only that it is open, but it is also floating. This one has brought the game further.

In a Cove
This small space is provided with floating shelves and racks that enables the space to function so well for an open closet. Cabinet along the wall compliment the overall look. It can eb used to store luxurious things that need more coverage.

Small Space
Another thing that will work on a small space is seen here. With built-in floating rails and shelves to keep the clothes, this one offers enough deal for a minimalist. The cabinet under can store much more space so that it does not look too much on the racks.

Separated Rails
Similar to the previous one, this one also arrange the open closet on rail and cabinet. However, the rail is installed on six tidy areas on the wall. This kind of separation can help you to categorize the clothes well.

Special Nook
If you are blessed with a free area where you can put closet there, it will be a great thing. Seen here, a special corner is turned into an open closet area with clothe rails on top and bottom divided by floating drawers and added by some floating shelves. But, not only that, this one here also completes this closet with make-up table and mirror, and some boxes to store bags. It is not ideally minimalist, but the idea of storing is quite inspiring.

Little Hanging
When all the clothes are hung, sometimes it will look too crowded. This one here has some of the clothes hung. This way, only several are on display and only the ones that are big and takes a lot of space. The other are stored inside the slim cupboard with tall mirror. To support sustainability, the shoe storage are from refurbished boxes.

All White
To make the room less crowded, combining all in white is one of the tricks, even better to have neutral color clothes that will not make it too cluttering. Seen in this picture, the room is mostly in white from ceiling to floor. The open closet is just the same. Even with open closet and floating shelves with boxes and clothes, it is still look neutral and simple.

Open for the Eye
This one here is another choice that is quite endearing in minimalism. The storage is only rails and shelves. Only those hung on the rails and on the shelves are needed to mix and match to create several more style.

Simpler Storage
Similar to the previous one, this one also offers a really simple options for keeping the clothes. With only rails with shoe shelves and shelves, it is ready to store the clothes for you. Although, this one here can be upgraded by adding cupboard, it is all more about preference. No matter the preference is, it is a great way to save the space.

Open cupboard
Another great way to maximize the space under the stairs is this open cupboard with the drawers, rails, and shelves all together in this open cupboard. It’s really tidy and organize.

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