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Trendy Open Concept Living Room in Your Fascinating House

Open living room is one of favorite concepts in today’s living room remodel. Although, some people might consider that open concept living room need a large space, in fact it can cover small space to look even larger. Just take a look at these following concepts of modern and contemporary traditional model of open living room.

Homey Concept of Open Living Room

arc standing lamp accent arm chair grey sofa coffee table accent area rug dark flat panel cabinet track lights dining area patterned curtain dining area yellow pendant light porch
Elad Gonen

The limited space that you have would not a barrier to have trendy open living room. By this concept, your house can be tricked to look even bigger. The living is next to the kitchen that is only separated by contemporary dark flat-panel cabinet. The living room with the stunning arch floor lamp and accent arm-chair is directly connected with the dinning room.

Farmhouse Open Living Room

wooden ceiling sloped ceiling sofa cowhide rug coffee table bar stool wooden floor exposed beams dining bench chandelier recessed lights floor lamp fireplace kitchen stone wall book shelves
Artistic Designs for Living

It is the open living room taking the concept of farmhousing. The exposed beams and long wooden dining bench are indeed the barn stuffs but it still looks comfortable to be placed there. What most interesting above all is of course the cow hide area rug.

Industrial Open Concept Living Room

brick wall long wooden coffe table sofa built in bench floating shelf area rug TV dining area round glass table wooden floor ceiling lights recessed lights
Domus Nova

The mixed style of industrial and modern house gives you creative thought to apply brick wall and some custom stuffs in the living room. This open living room is completed with the built-in bench, long wooden coffee table along with round glass table. It could not be more refreshing with the glass window overlooking the living room.

Modern Artistic Open Living Room

wall decoration circular skylight acrylic coffee table accent sofa yellow throw pillow accent throw pillow wooden floor recessed lights chandelier dining area stacked book shelves chandelier
Studio 29 Architects

This adorable open living room has hardwood flooring and some artistic wall decoration inside. However, the living room stuffs are also stunning such as acrylic coffee table and accent sofa with the yellow throw pillows. Next to the sofa, the stacked book shelves is perfectly applied.

Coastal Living Room

sloped ceiling wooden ceiling white sectional sofa glass sliding door area rug lotus floor lamp fireplace wooden wall wooden coffee table ceiling lights patio skylights
Koffka Phakos Design

It is another open living room concept with the coastal style. It is so clean with the white sloped ceiling and another white stuff of sectional sofa. The skylights are applied to let the sun light go inside the patio. The sliding glass door is there to give you more free or private space.

Condo Open Living Room

open high ceiling sloped ceiling gas fireplace wooden floor white sectional sofa rattan cahir wooden table open book shelves area rug TV
V2K Designs

This concept enables you to have the open living room and kitchen that are only separated by the heartening gas fireplace. The living room apply some elegant furniture such as white sectional sofa, open book shelves and rattan chair.

Contemporary Mid-Century Open Living Room

exposed beams wooden ceiling wooden wall glass wall glass door patio standing lamp ceiling lamp accent area rug grey sofa wooden coffee table green couch dining area art wall
Koch Architects

If you love to have the design of contemporary mid-century living room, it would be your most preferred style. Wrapped in wooden material, this living room looks simple yet gorgeous with the grey sofa and green lounge chair.

 Austin Open Living Room

wooden floor wooden beams large glass door avedon coffee table sectional sofa area rug vase recessed lights wall decoration kitchen lights chandelier
Cornerstone Architects

Overlooking the outside view, this open living room is in between the kitchen and the dining room. It has comfy sectional sofa with unique coffee table. The exposed beams applied make this room even more attractive.

Minimalist High Rised Open Living Room

sunken living room raised ceiling wooden floor red sofa wooden coffee table recessed lights black throw pillow glass window fireplace ceiling lamps artwork decoration beige area rug
Skale Building Design

It a sunken living room that has minimalist style with high rised ceiling. It looks so comfortable with the strong red sofa and black throw pillows. The coffee table is a custom made of wooden material  providing you natural yet modern feeling.

Contemporary Open Living Room

oval area rug wooden floor white sectional sofa green throw pillow white coffe table grey curtains floor lamp ceiling lamp recessed ligts round glass dining table white flat panel cabinet
National Association of Home Builders

The contemporary open living room with oval area rug and white sofa. It directly connect to kitchen and dining area that has its incredible round glass table and purple chairs.