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kitchen, dark green cabinet, white marble wall, white marble backsplash, wooden floor, wooden dining set Fikriansyah

Open Kitchen, Grey Hexagonal Floor Tiles, Green Kitchen Cabinet, Gloss Pink Backsplash And Counter Top, Round Wooden Dining Table, White Chairs, Pendant
Open Kitchen, Marble Floor Tiles, Soft Pink Kitchen Cabinet, Green Chairs, White Round Dining Table, Chandelier
Open Kitchen, White Wooden Floor, White Top Cabinet, Wooden Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Top Cabinet, Black Dining Table, White Green Modern Chairs
Open Kitchen, White Floor, Green Cabinet, White Backsplash, Black Round Table With Golden Legs, White Chair With Golden Legs
Open Kitchen, Grey Kitchen Cabinet, Patterned Floor, Blue Chairs, Glossy Pendants, White Round Table
Open Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Gloss Cream Cabinet, Wooden Top Cabinet, Glass Bulb Pendant, Wooden Round Table, Green Chairs
Kitchen, Dark Green Cabinet, White Marble Wall, White Marble Backsplash, Wooden Floor, Wooden Dining Set
Open Kitchen, White Kitchen Cabinet, White Subway Backsplash, Wooden Floor, Pendants, Round Dining Table, Green Chairs
Open Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Grey Kitchen Cabinet, Glass Bulb Pendant, Black Chair, White Round Marble
Open Kitchen, Wooden Top Cabinet, Grey Backsplash, Green Bottom Cabinet, Green Sofa, Wooden Table, White Chairs, Pendant

There are many things you can get from having an open room. It might be the best way to make a small space look large. It can also help you get the best air circulation in the room. Having a larger space, you would be able to enjoy decorating larger space. And you would also get your friends or family around when you prepare the food. If you’re looking for a beautiful inspiration to create an open kitchen and dining room, this compilation would be able to give you plenty.

Moss Green
This open kitchen looks so amazing with neutral look on the kitchen cabinet and the floor. The warm wooden round table and the green chairs look fresh and beautiful in this neutral look. Completed with white pendant, this open room is complete.

Soft Combination
In this small space, the open setting for the kitchen and dining room looks comfortable combined together. The soft colors make the space looks airy and less crowded and this is really essential for a small room.

Neutral and Open
Although this kitchen is small, it can include the small and elegant dining set inside. The white and matching grey chairs are incredible set to the grey kitchen.

Modern and Chic
This kitchen looks fabulous with its smooth and neutral kitchen cabinet. This cabinet has gloss finish that adds glimmer to the space. After balanced with dark wooden look on the top cabinet and dining table, the glass pendant and smooth chairs are nice touches.

Modern and Open
This kitchen offers an interesting look with combination of black and white with a large brush of teal color on the backsplash and modern chairs. The wooden cabinet makes the kitchen feel strong and natural at the same time.

Soft in Dark
This kitchen has a cold and smooth look with green and pink combination that makes the kitchen beautifully modern. The easy and sleek lines on the design make the kitchen feels easy and light.

Grey Kitchen
This kitchen has a nice modern look. The grey kitchen cabinet is a great background to the open setting and the patterned floor gives pretty details to the space. The white round table and the blue chairs match the room perfectly well.

Elegant, Small and Open
This small kitchen offers a whole lot of things. It looks amazing with dark green cabinet. It is even more amazing with the fabulous lighting fixtures and the dining set. The round dining table with golden legs match well with the white chairs with golden legs as well.

Dark and Natural
This dark open kitchen looks so impressive with its dark green modern cabinet. The white marble on the wall gives a dramatically beautiful pattern and detail to the room while the wooden floor and dining set makes a neutral yet dark vibe.

Small Nook
In this small kitchen, a small and comfortable nook allows you to get comfortable. The matching green on the sofa makes it like a one set with the kitchen.

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