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open living room, wooden floor, white wall, white planks, white bottom cabinet, white counter top, black pendant, wooden open shelves, wooden round table, dark wooden chairs Cozy Coffee Shop

Open Kitchen, White Wall, Grey Bottom Cabinet, White Pendant, White Round Table, Brown Chairs, Open Shelves, Chevron Floor
Open Kitchen, Grey Floor, Grey Wall, Light Pink Bottom Cabinet, Black White Pendant, White Round Table, Dark Teal Chairs
Open Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Yellow Pendant, Blue Chairs, Wooden Round Table, White Bottom Cabinet, Dark Green Backsplash, Floating Shelves
Open Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Planks, White Bottom Cabinet, White Counter Top, Black Pendant, Wooden Open Shelves, Wooden Round Table, Dark Wooden Chairs
Open Kitchen, White Square Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Modern Cabinet And Cupboard, White Round Table, Colorful Modern Chairs
Open Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Square Floor Tiles, Exposed Wall, White Cabinet, Shelves, Wooden Table
Open Kitchen, White Floor, White Bottom Cabinet, White Wall, White Pendant, Wooden Round Dining Table, Rattan Seat, White Midcentury Modern, Wooden Counter Top
Open Kitchen, Patterned Floor Tiles, Light Grey Wall, White Wall, Black Round Table, White Midcentury Modern Chairs, White Fridge, Yellow Bottom Cabinet
Open Kitchen, Grey Seamless Floor, White Wall, White Bottom Cabinet, White Marble Round Table, Black Brown Chairs, White Pendant
Small Kitchen, Pattern Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Cabinet With White Counter Top, Silver Pendant, Wooden Table, Different Chairs

Kitchen itself can be an interesting place to gather with your family and friends, besides a place to create and cook. And that is why, putting dining table always feels good near the kitchen. It combines warmth from the kitchen and dining table together and puts people in both places to converse easily. These below are stunningly comfortable small open kitchens completed with dining set. If you are looking for some inspirations, these below will definitely be your great source.

Merry Rug
this white kitchen puts modern and minimalist touches on the counter of the kitchen. However, when it comes o the dining area, the setting is so merry and warmth with patterned rug and natural material furniture. The color and texture puts an inviting ambiance.

Simple Corner
This one here is really doable for everyone. The kitchen is small and the dining set is placed near the window to make it feel less crowded. With the bright light near this small open kitchen, the open space feels great even with the addition dining set.

Warm Blue Patterned Chairs
In this open kitchen, the combination of the color is interesting with neutral setting in light and dark in the kitchen. This neutral look continues to the dining room but with warmer details on the seating pattern. This interesting combination is finished with bold yellow above.

Opened Minimalist
One of the perfect thing to do in a small space is by decorating it in minimalist look. That way, the space would look tidy and larger. This one here puts minimalist look in the open space and create amazing kitchen and dining table.

Fresh Minimalist
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts a minimalist setting to the open room. The minimalist bottom cabinet strengthens the room and the white-brown dining table looks perfect in the open space.

Traditional Openness
In this small kitchen yet tall ceiling, the simple farmhouse look is looking amazing. The round marble table fits perfectly with the dark black chairs and the neutral look in the kitchen.

White Fun Kitchen
Having some fun touches can make the room really interesting. In this modern white kitchen, the details on the floor and chairs make the small open room feels playful and jolly.

Exposed Brick
In this small open kitchen, the white kitchen puts a nice contrast to the exposed accent wall int he dining room. The contrast in the kitchen and warm dining room in interesting. The simple ambiance in the open space is great especially for those who love something that is not too fancy.

Farmhouse Feeling
Although the kitchen has light setting, especially seen in the white bottom cabinet and the open shelves, the warm floor and dark dining set brings balance to the space and set a warm ambiance.

Crowds in the Open
This small open kitchen can be anybody’s kitchen. The merry patterned floor and the yellow cabinet brings fun and joyful look in the kitchen while the neutral dining set brings some balance here.

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