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open space, wooden floor, wooden dining room, white modern chairs, glossy pendant, pink wall, black wall, grey sofa, white cabinet Pinterest

Open Space, Wooden Floor, Brown Rug, Brown Sofa, Grey Table, Pink Chairs, Black Tray Coffee Table
Open Space, Dark Wooden Floor, White Coffee Table, Grey Sofa, White Modern Rocking Chair, White Dining Table, White Modern Chairs
Open Space, Wooden Floor, Peach Wall, White Sofa, Blue Rug, Black Dining Table, Grey Chairs, Sconces, Glass Pendants
Open Space, Wooden Floor, Pink Wall, Wooden Sofa With Pink Cushion, White Coffee Tbale, Yellow And Blue Ottomans, White Dining Table, Balck Yellow Chairs
Open Space, Wooden Floor, Wooden Dining Room, White Modern Chairs, Glossy Pendant, Pink Wall, Black Wall, Grey Sofa, White Cabinet
Open Space, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, White Wall, White Sofa, Wooden Floating Cabinet, White Modern Chairs, Black Pendant
Open Space, Wooden Floor, Pnk Rug, Pink Patterned Rug, White Dining Set, Grey Sofa, Glass Top Round Coffee Table, White Pendant, Chandelier
Open Space, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Brown Sofa, White Chandelier, White Wooden Coffee Table, Wooden Dining Table, Modern Chairs, White Console Tbale
Open Space, Wooden Floor, White Exposed Wall, Grey Sofa, Golden Round Tulip Table, Copper Chairs
Open Space, Seamless Floor, White Wall, Grey Corner Sofa, Round Table, Round Ottoman, Round Dining Table, Grey Chairs, Pendant,

Another open room that is popular is the open space that combines living and dining room. Combining living room with the dining table makes the space look comfortable and inviting. It would be a perfect place to social gathering. It is a perfect place for family gathering at Thanksgiving or Christmas or birthday party. Having an open space creates an inviting ambiance to the room that people would feel even more comfortable gather. These below are ten impressive open spaces that would be a great place for social meeting.

Small and Cozy
For a small space, combining dining space and living room would make the room feels larger and airy. This one here shows the simple setting of grey sofa and golden dining set can look incredible.

Modern and Minimalist
Creating open space would make a room feels larger but with minimalist look, the room would look even larger. This perfect setting would be perfect for you who love minimalist and modern look. The one below shows how white sofa and chairs can combine perfectly well with wooden floating cabinet and dining table.

Grey Setting
Grey is another color that would help you get modern look. This one here uses grey sofas and dining set and create an obvious modern look. With interesting pendant and wall accessories, this one gives exquisite details to the room.

Elegant Look
This open space creates an elegant look with the smooth sofa and tufted ottoman. The chandelier here also gives an elegant look that radiates well through the open space. The smooth modern chairs in the dining set also bring graceful ambiance.

Pretty Details
This one puts a lots of details in the open room. The living area gets comfortable pillows, fur ottoman, nice coffee table and white pendant. The pink rug gives warm vibe in the right place. The living area has a simpler vibe with white dining set and chandelier above.

Modern and Open
This open space has a minimalist look but in an interesting combination of colors. The peach wall and the blue rug has an interesting combination and has a nice contrast to the white sofa while the dining area goes calmer and neutral.

Fresh and Beautiful
This open room brings out what an open room should look like: bright and fresh. With white wall in the living area and pink wall int eh dining area, this open room has given an interesting accent. Completed with modern chairs, patterned rug, sophisticated tables, this room is amazing.

Soft and Sweet
This sweet open room is impressive and elegant with the smooth and sleek lines completed by soft and pastel colored furniture. The glossy pendants bring out luxurious touch.

Modern and Sweet
This large open room is beautiful. The sweet blushed on the wall, sofa, to curtain has brought the space in a soft and sweet ambiance. The modern sofa, tables and chairs bring a balance to the room. And it is all completed by pretty chandelier and pendants.

Modern Chic
This one is another impressive open space. In L-shaped room, the dining and living area can be separated nicely using the shape of the room and the different color that the wall used. The glossy pendant looks shining and pronounced in this modern look.

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