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living room, wooden floor, grey seamless wall, low pendant, pink sofa, grey chair, black tray table, grey ottoman

Living Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Seamless Wall, Low Pendant, Pink Sofa, Grey Chair, Black Tray Table, Grey Ottoman
Living Room, Grey Seamless Floor, Grey Sofa, Wooden Chair, Rattan Rug, Seamless Wall
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Wall, Patterned Rug, Yellow Sofa, Red Chair, Black Cabinet
Living Room, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Green Wooden Sofa With Brown Cushion, Wooden Chairs, Wooden Stools, Wooden Round Coffee Table
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Wall, Blue Velvet Sofa, Yellow Velvet Ottoman, Grey Rug, Large Glass Window
Living Room, Grey Seamless Floor, White Wall, Grey Sofa, Patterned Rug, Green Chair, Wooden Chair, Wooden Shelves, Yellow Woven Ottoman
Living Room, Seamless Floor, Large Glass Window, Pink Chairs, Green Chair, Orange Ottoman, Grey Ottoman
Living Room, Seamless Floor, Orange Rug, Glass Coffee Table, Wooden Chairs, Wooden Sofa With Grey Cushion, Black Chairs, Large Glass Window
Living Room, White Fur Rug, Tall Ceiling, Wooden Grid, Grey Sofa, Round White Coffee Table, Orange High Chair, Wooden Chairs, White Pendants, Pian
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Coffee Table, Black Leather Chairs, Grey Sofa, White Wall, Black Floor Lamp

Having spacious living room is such a luxury not everyone can have. It is so comfortable to have large and big living room where you can get better air circulation and better light. Creating comfort in the spacious living room can be much easier as your options will not be limited by the shape or size. If you have a large living room or try to maximize the potentials you have at home, you would love this compilation of open living room.

White and Tall
This living room has an airy feeling with its high ceiling and white painted wall. The neutral setting of the seats and wooden floor make the above room looks even bigger. The small details on the floor give more interesting accents in this room.

Open by the Window
This living room has incredible ambiance. The seamless floor and white wall create a loose and airy ambiance, especially with large glass window that makes sure you get all the bright light inside. The setting of the living room itself looks minimalist with one grey sofa to comfort the space.

Modern beside the Window
Similar to the previous one, this one here also uses large glass window to make the room looks spacious and airy. The pink and green chairs make a simple modern yet pretty living room. With swimming pool outside, the living room looks even fresher.

Wooden High
From the bright look of the room, this living room might also has big glass window. The warm sunlight is welcomed by warm wooden wall and neutral living room with a little bit of blue accent on the sofa.

Minimalist High
Making an incredible living room can also be done by putting minimalist look. This one sets a minimalist with grey wall and light wooden floor. The pink sofa also has pastel look so that while it sweetens the room, it also supports the airy look of the living room.

Wooden Grid Accent
While the previous one is minimalist, this one here is enriched with warmth from the sofa, chair and wooden grid on the wall. This has made the room looks pretty with warm details and bright ambiance from the bi glass window.

Grand View
Having glass wall can obviously make a nice view. This one here has a living room with open view to the outside. The warm rug and chairs make a comfortable ambiance cast in the living room and the glass gets you to feel you’re outside without you going outside.

Tall and Rustic
While having minimalist look can be really easy to choose when you want to create airy and fresh look, putting up some rustic accents can actually make the room feel amazing.

Fresh Up There
Even if your room is on the second floor, it does not mean your space is limited. By opening one side of your wall with glass wall like this one here, the living room has a new world outside. By having higher view, it would feel like it’s even more spacious.

Near the Stairs
Although it seems like having stairs might limit your space, when the stairs are open or with really light and thin fence, the room can look wonderfully larger. With tall ceiling and open fence, this room manages to look fresh and amazing.

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